The Best Websites for Free Flash Games Online

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Adobe Flash is a dynamic online tool that has allowed the creativity of many individuals to impact the web. If you have a personal computer, there is a 99.99% chance you have Adobe Flash installed, which means that you might enjoy some of the content it provides. So, if you decide you want to join the millions of internet-users online who surf the web for the coolest games every week, look no further. The following article will narrow down the best Flash game websites out there, from Newgrounds to Addicting Games.

1. Newgrounds

The king of original flash content is Newgrounds. This website is known to most flash artists as “home”. Here, the best games (and the worst) are showcased to the Newgrounds users to vote on. The scale, ranging from 0-5, has rated some of the most memorable flash games to include Fancy Pants AdventurePico’s School, and Alien Hominid (the latter of which was turned into a console game)Castle Crashers, another famous Xbox 360 game, was made by the owner of the site: Tom Fulp. Not only does the website have the best and brightest flash artists, it also has a “medal” system that allows flash gamers to collect points from different games around the website (similar to the Xbox Achievements).

2. Armor Games

A real close partner of Newgrounds, Armor Games is known to be one of the premier names in flash sponsorship. To have one’s work sponsored by Armor Games is an honor, and as such, standards are high. All the games at are top notch sponsored material (in other words, all the artists are payed to make them). Some of its super-popular library includes Fancy Pants AdventureSonny, and The Last Stand. Popular submissions such as Warfare 1944 receive 12 million + views. So, as you can see, Armor Games has an interest in retaining the funnest games on the web.

3. Miniclip

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, you have heard of Miniclip. This website is particularly interesting in that a lot of its flash content is developed internally. What makes Miniclip popular, however, is its good choice in promotion of popular online games. Some of its content, such as Runescape and Club Penguin, are the most popular online games out there. Although a lot of the games are developed within the company, Miniclip licenses its games out to other websites frequently to expand its influence in the market.

4. Addicting Games

Unlike the previous three websites, Addicting Games really doesn’t develop games from within. Instead, the website seeks out some of the best games and showcases them. In essence, Addicting Games is simply a website that shows you the best flash content from around the website. A lot of their flash comes from nonexclusive titles that simply wish to show the rest of the internet their talents, while also getting their name out there. This website is great for the casual gamer who simply wants to see what is hot in the world of online flash-gaming.


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