The University of Texas at San Antonio – Quality Education for a Tiny Price Tag

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The University of Texas at San Antonio is the second largest institution in the University of Texas system. Its campus can be described as large, modern, rich and multicultural. Classes are large but professors are not robots, instead they are mostly personal and would love to meet your aquaintence if you attend their Office Hours. Classes are abundant, and times are available for anyone’s schedule.

Commuter students are very common, and outnumber those that house. 42% of freshman currently reside in housing, and numbers are rising. So, if you are looking for either a commuter or traditional dorm experience, you will find that here. UTSA is being described as the next UT Austin, with the opening of its Division 1 football program and acquisition of the UT Health Science Center (formerly owned by UTA). Enrollment is at roughly 30,000 students (including graduates, undergraduates, and downtown students). However, don’t be scared by the numbers, UTSA students know those around them as the campus is divided neatly into majors so those students will see each other on a day-to-day basis.

Acceptence is at 88%, but slowly declining as their admissions process is becoming more strict. UTSA plans to become a major institution such as UTA, which is very possible considering UT Austin has been declining many CAP students (students who transfer to Austin after a year at San Antonio) due to space constraints. Hence, many so-called “scholarly” students have decided to stay at UTSA. San Antonio’s growing population also is increasing enrollment and at the same time, competition for spots.

Services provided at the University are vast, all the way from free condoms to access to a state of the art recreation and gym facility. The University went through a massive overhaul to renovate its campus throughout the early 2000s to present. Many former alumni have recalled the campus as “bland” and “old”, however recently they are shocked to see the renovations that have made the University look modern and astounding.

If you are a local student considering a San Antonio college, do not forget the premier education for the inexpensive price (as compared to UIW, St. Mary’s, Trinity and other private colleges) at the University of Texas at San Antonio.


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