Every Optimist Needs a Pessimist

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Every Optimist Needs a Pesimist

You know, I really believe this.

If you think about it, way back in the seeds of time, how do you think optimism started?

Do you feel that it started one day just because some omnipitent being said “Poof” here’s and Optimist’

I don’t think so, you know why Optimism started, and so do I.

It started because one day there was someone walking around feeling sorry for themselves. They were cursing the day, the light and everything in their path. Nothing was good and nothing could go right. Misery and loathing followed them like their own shadow looking for company.

The people in this Miserable person’s life felt sorry and gave sympathy and compassion, and sat to join in on revolting against life. Everyone except that person standing in the corner trying to figure out what they can do to get everyone out of their slump.

This second person was a happy, enthusiastic person who enjoyed finding the fruits in life and had a nack for keeping things positive. They loved nature, the sun and helping people. Things usually went right for them, expect when things were going wrong for their friends and loved ones.

So this happy individual set forth to bring smiles to everyone’s face and bring them back into to the light of success and all things good. Everyone, expect… The Miserable person..

After a century of fighting with each other, the Happy Individual finally looked upon and the Miserable Person and said, “I am going to call you a Pessimist, to represent all the the dispicable ways that you disgrace our beautiful world by dragging everyone down into misery and dispair.”

And the Miserable Person said to the Happy Individual, “And I will call you an Optimist, to show how foolish you are for always believing that everything in life is good, and tricking people into following your foolish ways.”

And ever since they have quarelled over which way of thinking is best.

Both were strong and stubborn minds, sure that their ways were each the best. In truth, both were right. To see that all things are wrong and bad in life, will manifest and show all the bad luck in the world.

To see all things good and important is the manifest and show the best parts that life has to offer. The only difference if your perspective.

The Optimist is not immune to accidents, bad luck or unhappy situations, but they choose not to focus on them. Likewise, the Pessimist doesn’t miss out of good luck and happy times, but they choose to ignore them and focus on what went wrong in those situations.

What I find interesting, and slightly ironic, is that is seems that an Optimist cannot survive without a Pessimist. They are two sides to the same coin, and without one another, they both just become board.

You can see examples of this scenario Optimist/Pessimist in romantic relationships, business relationship and close families. It is quite interesting if you truly study it, because you will find that the role reverses as the relationship dynamic plays out. There is only one Pessimist and one Optimist at a time, and although they generally stick to their parts, they will switch roles from time to time.

If the Pessimist is suddenly having a good day and a change of heart, often times the Optimist will stuggle with the concept and turn into a sullen and upset person, even if they are usually accepting of other peoples success.

Vice versa, even the most positive Optimist has a bad day from time to time, and it is interesting to see that when they are down on themselves, the Pessimist will often change their tune because they are not used to the Optimist being so pessimistic.

They each help each other stay in their places, inadvertantly, and with out each other there is no reason to be in either frame of mind. Or at least, there is no one there to notice.

What is more ironic, is the thought that both Pessimist and Optimists are attention hungry. They both need recognition for their choosen ways, and both need to feel that others have joined their way of thinking, otherwise what good have they done with their lives.

Tell me, are you an Optimist? or a Pessimist? and who is the other half of your coin?


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