Protect Your Organic Rights! Don’t Let Congress Take Them Away!

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As I was going through my normal routines on my nightly net visit, I happen to run across an article that suggested that the gov is attempting to put into law. It could effectively outlaw just about all organic growing both domestic, foreign, private and public.

Being a person who tries to keep up with laws that take away our freedoms, I went to straight to one of my favorite sites where I began reading the text of Text of H.R. 875: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009.

You can view it @

And I suggest that you do, as it is never really good to just take one persons word for it. Empower yourself with knowledge as much as you can.

In this editorial we will go through some of the highlights of this article that are likely to have very adverse effects on our communities around the country. The largest problem that is seen widely by people everywhere is that the government wants to help Big Agriculture get even bigger by taking more of our tax money away so they can pay some thugs to make sure our fruits are sprayed with pesticides, are raised from genetically engineered seeds or are injected with vaccines.

Here is an exert from SEC. 2. FINDINGS; PURPOSES.:

“(6) Federal food safety standard setting, inspection, enforcement, and research efforts should be based on the best available science and public health considerations, and food safety resources should be systematically deployed in ways that most effectively prevent food-borne illness.”

This wouldn’t seem so bad, except you have to ask the question, “What science”  “Who’s science”, especially when the government scientists peer review their own work with related officials in other countries. They won’t take into the account the knowledge of organic grows or those who take a holistic approach, and if there is one thing we can tell from that, it’s that when you bias a “science” it no longer becomes a science. Science is the pursuit of truth, not the pursuit of dominating certain things to be the truth.

Here is another important piece from the bill text, and it becomes more important as a self contradiction of the rest of the text.

“(8) rapid technological advance and the expansion and globalization of industries in all areas of Food and Drug Administration jurisdiction present challenges and require leadership beyond the capacity of any one agency or agency head to provide;”

This is important because they clearly state that there is no one company, agency or governing force that could possibly oversee such a large project as “Globalized Industry”. Pay attention as we continue this article for the contradictions, you can scroll back up to make sure you’ve caught them. Remember, “No Agency has the capacity to accommodate globalized industry.”

“(12) improving Federal oversight of food safety requires a modern food safety mandate, clear authorities, and a dedicated official within the Department of Health and Human Services with budget authority to manage an integrated organizational structure and report directly to the Secretary.”

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When you stop to read this, the first thing on your mind should be the fact that the FDA is not actually a “Federal” agency, they are a contracted industry outside the government, which follows the rules of the WHO thousands of miles away from the US. They just happen to have the clearance to call themselves a “Federal Agency”. However, under their current clauses, they are not allowed to completely take over what we do with our food, or how our farmers grow their food or raise their livestock.

So what is the solution to that? Create a new agency, the FSA, which would not only have unlimited control to raise taxes so they can have a budget, so that they can regulated all organic foods to specific safety standards set by their biased “science”.

They also say in this passage that federal oversight requires “Clear Authorities”. What authorities? You guessed it! The authority to regulate what kinds of seeds you get, because they want you to buy only Genetically Engineered seeds because they contaminate any organic seeds. They also want to make sure you can’t buy anymore organic foods, because they say that foods that aren’t sprayed with preservatives or that don’t use proper chemical fertilizers or pesticides are “unsafe”.

Here’s another good passage from section (b) Purposes- The purposes of this Act are–:

“(1) to establish an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services to be known as the ‘Food Safety Administration’ to–

(A) regulate food safety and labeling to strengthen the protection of the public health;

(B) ensure that food establishments fulfill their responsibility to process, store, hold, and transport food in a manner that protects the public health of all people in the United States;

(C) lead an integrated, system wide approach to food safety and to make more effective and efficient use of resources to prevent food-borne illness;

(D) provide a single focal point within the Department of Health and Human Services for food safety leadership, both nationally and internationally; and

(E) provide an integrated food safety research capability, including internally generated, scientifically and statistically valid studies, in cooperation with academic institutions and other scientific entities of the Federal and State governments;”

Okay, this is the focal point. Notice in section (a), that it says nothing about requiring labels to be consistent with the truth. It just says to regulate to strengthen the protection of public health. I would rather have the truth than to be over parentally protected.

Notice also that in section (b) it states that food establishments will be required to process, stor, hold and transport food in the manner they decide is right for public safety. Again, they don’t require truthful processes, it only requires that they do what they are told by the new FSA.

Look at section (d) where it not only says leadership nationally, but internationally as well? Are we responsible for the rest of the worlds food safety? Sure sounds to me like a global food take over if you ask me… Technically the gov can’t even grant them that power, and neither can the we, but somehow putting it onto paper seems to give them the right?

I want you to pay close attention to section (d) where it says that it will include “internally generated” data that is “scientifically and statistically valid”. So not only are the people here apparently not smart enough to know what is safe for them to eat, but we are going to have to leave it up to highly paid bureaucratic scientists who probably “spice up” the data while laughing manically and petting their cats?

I don’t think so!

The important part here is to remember that they write these bills to look harmless but then they leave lots of loop holes so that later they can say it was just an error in the writing, and still get away with not only taxing your little veggie garden, but making sure all the poisons that “protect” us are added to all foods, whether we like it or not.

This is a good one, and the person who can explain it to me the best gets a gold star:

“(2) to transfer to the Food Safety Administration the food safety, labeling, inspection, and enforcement functions that, as of the day before the date of the enactment of this Act, are performed by various components of the Food and Drug Administration and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration;”

Why in the heck would NOAA need to have anything to do with our food? They research the ocean and watch the weather? They have no responsibility to food at all, even sea food isn’t under their juristiction unless they are just researching it. Yet for some reason those in congress seem to think that the Water and Weather watchers need to have something to do with our food? Smells like a fishy plan to me…

“(3) to modernize and strengthen the Federal food safety law to ensure more effective application and efficient management of the laws for the protection and improvement of public health; and”

What bothers me about this clause in there, is that it gives the new FSA and NOAA the ability to higher on police, security guards and other thugs who can come to your home, your ranch or your farm and enforce the laws. The best case scenario is if it’s the police, because they have to have a warrant to come and search your place, but if it’s an agency outside of the police force then they don’t have to have any warrants.

Moving onto the next section  “SEC. 3. DEFINITIONS.: In this Act:”

This section is about Labeling each kind of “food establishment”. Now, most of these names seem harmless and would appear to just be a way of organizing the different types of establishments, but look how they bias fresh produce:

“(7) CATEGORY 3 FOOD ESTABLISHMENT- The term ‘category 3 food establishment’ means a food establishment (other than a category 1 or category 2 establishment) that processes cooked, pasteurized, or otherwise ready-to-eat seafood or other animal products, fresh produce in ready-to-eat raw form, or other products that pose a risk of hazardous contamination.”

Tell me that last sentenced couldn’t be showing the obvious bias anymore than it does with that?

“(14) FOOD PRODUCTION FACILITY- The term ‘food production facility’ means any farm, ranch, orchard, vineyard, aquaculture facility, or confined animal-feeding operation.

This is for all the small family farmers and ranchers who provide us organic meats and produce. Pay attention!

Here is a nice one for you from Section 101

(b) Duties of Administrator- The Administrator shall–“

“(3) represent the United States in relevant international food safety bodies and discussions;”

In this section it discuss that the head of the FDA shall pass on their powers to the FSA once it is in function, since the FDA can’t do what the FSA will be able to do once this is passed. There will still be an FDA, but it won’t really matter because the new FSA Administrator will represent everyone in the US even if they are an outside agency.

What you have to recognize here, is this is how are freedoms are being stolen from us. The constitution specifically binds our government from regulating our freedoms, but it says nothing about not allow private “agencies” to regulate our freedoms.

Even though the FDA is currently a non-governmental agency, it is still bound by the rules that it was given when it was first created, and those rules don’t allow the take over of the way we grow or food, it just allows them to suggest the best methods and to sometimes fine people for certain things that are unsafe like sanitation regulations. At worst they can have the authorities get a warrant and summon a group to court of many things, but they don’t have the right to “enforce” the law, unless they pass this bill…

Here is another part from Section 101 (b)

“(4) promulgate regulations to ensure the safety and security of the food supply from all forms of contamination, including intentional contamination; and”

This one is a perfect example of who they use nice words to cover up their intentions I feel. Lets look at the definition of “Promulgate”


1 : to make (as a doctrine) known by open declaration : proclaim
2 a : to make known or public the terms of (a proposed law) b : to put (a law) into action or force

This makes it out that section (4) could be interpreted to say:

“To make it known to the public, by action or force, to ensure food safety and security…”  I personally would prefer to have the choice to eat any food at my own discretion and have truthful labeling as opposed to “force” of regulations.

This is another part of sectionn 101:

“(G) integration of food safety activities with State and local agencies.”

This is a really good one to think about, because in the interstate commerce clause it specifically does not allow for the government or commerce agencies to regulate what goes on inside a state, they can only regulate when foods are sent to other states and back and forth. But this little clause says that they can integrate food safety activities inside the states.”

This next section starts to show a major contradiction that is pretty noticeable:


(a) Transfer of Functions and Resources- For each component of the Department of Health and Human Services or the Department of Commerce specified in subsection (b), there are transferred to the Administration all functions, personnel, and assets (including facilities and financial resources) of those components as of the day before the date of the enactment of this Act (including all related functions of any officer or employee of the component) that relate to administration or enforcement of the food safety law, as determined by the President.”

Do you notice how this first part explains that all the old powers, plus the new powers of the DOC and the DHHS are transferred to the new Administrator? Not only do they get these powers, but somehow even though this has to be an non government agency, the president is still the determining force? How does that work?

If the government can’t rule the agency because it is bound by the constitution, then how come the president is the deciding force of what enforcement or laws the FSA will be able to make?

Here is a play of words, or rather of names, that is intentional so that you don’t notice.

“(c) Renaming and Reservation of Agency Identity- The Food and Drug Administration in the Department of Health and Human Services is hereby renamed the Federal Drug and Device Administration and may be referred to as ‘FDA'”

The reason they are changing the “Food and Drug Administration” to the “Federal Drug and Device Admin” is so that they can have a name that represents the new powers they will have, yet they don’t seem to find it necessary to change the abbreviation to FDDA? Why? Because the people would notice!

They would wake up read and the bill and first of say, what “devices”? Then they would read the rest of the bill at   

They would ask, why does the FDA need to become the new FDA, and why does it need these powers? If you look at current administration, there are already hundreds of laws regulating food and drugs, and if we choose to enforce those better we would not need to create new laws and new agencies with exalted powers.


(a) In General- To protect the public health, the Administrator shall establish by guidance document, action level, or regulation and enforce performance standards that define, with respect to specific foods and contaminants in food, the level of food safety performance that a person responsible for producing, processing, or selling food shall meet.

(b) Identification of Contaminants; Performance Standards-

(1) LIST OF CONTAMINANTS- Not later than 6 months after the date of the enactment of this Act, the Administrator shall publish in the Federal Register a list of the contaminants in foods that have the greatest adverse impact on public health in terms of the number and severity of illnesses and number of deaths associated with foods regulated under this Act. Where appropriate, the Administrator shall indicate whether the risk posed by a contaminant is generalized or specific to particular foods or ingredients.”

This is an important one, mostly controlling issues over domestic and foreign farms, ranches and establishments, but notice how it does say “anyone who produces, processes or sells” foods shall have to meet these requirements. Which could potentially mean that they can also tell individual home owners and organic grows how and in what way they can grow food.

This “Contaminate List” is way to much power to be allowed to this “administrator”, especially when it should be peer rated by the public whom will have to go without these products. By their definition of a contaminant, they could technically outlaw foods or beverages that are known natural homeopathic remedies. They could also lie very easily and list some things like “Fluoride” as completely safe, when it has effectively made millions of people sick.

Not only is it bothersome that the “Admin” would have this power to make this list, they don’t even put in a current list of example foods or beverages that they would add to this list. I am sure they have a list with them of foods that have been recommended as a potential health hazard, and it is not transparent to give the administrator 6 months to come up with one. It gives the admin the ability to create a list away from public view, and then demands that he publish it (not vote on it), within 6 months.

“(2) CATEGORY 2 FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS- A category 2 food establishment shall–

(A) have ongoing verification that its processes are controlled; and

(B) be randomly inspected at least weekly.

(3) CATEGORY 3 FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS- A category 3 food establishment shall–

(A) have ongoing verification that its processes are controlled; and

(B) be randomly inspected at least monthly.

(4) CATEGORY 4 FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS- A category 4 food establishment shall–

(A) have ongoing verification that its processes are controlled; and

(B) be randomly inspected at least quarterly.

(5) CATEGORY 5 FOOD ESTABLISHMENTS- A category 5 food establishment shall–

(A) have ongoing verification that its processes are controlled; and

(B) be randomly inspected at least annually.”

Take a look at the definition of a Category 2 Food Establishment

“(6) CATEGORY 2 FOOD ESTABLISHMENT- The term ‘category 2 food establishment’ means a seafood processing establishment or other food establishment”

So if you are an establishment that sells or produces Sea Food, you will be subject to a minimum of 1 weekly inspection on your food. Why? It doesn’t say! I can contemplate the idea that it is regulated because most of our bodies of water are tainted with pollution and poison…

Here are the other categories:

“(7) CATEGORY 3 FOOD ESTABLISHMENT- The term ‘category 3 food establishment’ means a food establishment (other than a category 1 or category 2 establishment) that processes cooked, pasteurized, or otherwise ready-to-eat seafood or other animal products, fresh produce in ready-to-eat raw form, or other products that pose a risk of hazardous contamination.

(8) CATEGORY 4 FOOD ESTABLISHMENT- The term ‘category 4 food establishment’ means a food establishment that processes all other categories of food products not described in paragraphs (5) through (7).

(9) CATEGORY 5 FOOD ESTABLISHMENT- The term ‘category 5 food establishment’ means a food establishment that stores, holds, or transports food products prior to delivery for retail sale.”

Make sure to check out the bill at:

Look at all the provisions, all the amendments, leave no stone unturned. It is in every persons best interest to be informed, to talk about it and then act upon their best intentions.


(a) Civil Sanctions-


(A) IN GENERAL- Any person that commits an act that violates the food safety law (including a regulation promulgated or order issued under the food safety law) may be assessed a civil penalty by the Administrator of not more than $1,000,000 for each such act.

(B) SEPARATE OFFENSE- Each act described in subparagraph (A) and each day during which that act continues shall be considered a separate offense.”

This is one worth looking at. Though it could reasonably considered a public safety risk that someone might cultivate foods that are poisonous to people. HOWEVER, the way it is written, any person, including private growers, can be fined more than $1 Million dollars! Can you believe that? None of the provisions in this law cover what means would dignify such a fine, or leave room for a lower fine for a lower crime.

Make sure to also look at these sections in the bill


This protection basically says that we cannot get upset, put in publication or discriminate against the Admin or the staff of the new FDDA for making the decisions they do. This will effectively make it so that if anyone disagrees with the decisions the FDDA makes, there will be nothing they can do about it. READ IT





This is the most important part. Reading the bill for yourself. Don’t rely on my or any other form of media until you have read the bill yourself. Knowledge is the only thing that keeps us from getting into “unforeseen” trouble.

It is said through rumors that this bill spurred from the recent outbreak in peanut butter and other products. Now, while that is not something any of us want to hear about happening, do we really need to allow unlimited power for the federal government to change the rules of the game to regulate and control more of what we do?

The ability to run our business the way we want (with good intentions), the ability to trade or sell private foods between ourselves, the freedoms that we once have and still have are being taken away systematically. If we don’t start paying attention to what our officials are doing, then we get everything we don’t need.

Freedom is way more important than safety in my opinion, as freedom leaves us free to keep ourselves safe in the ways we find logical and reasonable. Not to mention, there are already 100’s of laws controlling the way food is processed, packed and produced. The only thing most of those laws don’t allow are the total control over organic and natural foods. They can suggest uses and list foods that are known not to be so great, but the public still has the freedom to choose it if they want to.

Please take the time to read this bill, it took me about 48 hours to read it and write this article to you. It’s not so long, but you do need to read the whole things. Once you have read it you will be empowered to talk with everyone you know, not only proving yourself intelligent enough to know what the bill actually says, but as a person who is for the freedom of all Americans.



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