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The film “Eyes Wide Shut” by Stanley Kubrick stands out in its way to efficiently reveal society’s flaws in a satirical way. The main characters, played by Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are a couple that decide to explore the world outside their social bubble. Kubrick reveals wit in his filmmaking as he explores how society tends to be dependent in superficial things such as sexuality and vague entertainment. The main character, Dr. Harford, enters a completely different perspective as he wonders around the city at night. Through it, he discovered places were sexuality and human dignity were heavily exploited. Dr. Harford, instinctively develops not only a new perspective, but an identity and awareness. These scenes represented Dr. Harford’s lack of gratitude towards the easy live he is living and also as an allegory to the behavior of the elite social classes.

In this time, Stanley Kubrick was heavily criticized for this movie. Reviews such as “lack of sexuality” and “doesn’t grasp the realism in society” were common amongst all the negative reviews. The movie itself is a masterpiece in the sense that it did not tackle its purpose, but went farther into having an impact on modern society. In my opinion the negative reviews he received were only proofs of what he is saying about society in his movie is true, and we can identify it everywhere.

The purpose of art is to express one’s feelings and points of view. Stanley Kubrick exploits the seventh art, Film, to express his point of view and his feelings on society. The wit that Kubrick effectively uses adds to the impact and essence of the film.


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