Selling Yourself – Mastering The Art Of Career Advancement By Selling Yourself

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Selling Yourself – You are unique.

The first step towards successfully selling yourself is the ability to be comfortable with who you are.

To realize your own strong points and limitations, is an attribute. That attribute becomes crucial if you wish to succeed in your career. Remember, no one else is like you – you are exclusive, a child of the universe. Appreciate, acknowledge and revel in your uniqueness.

Come to terms with your nature and your own particular skills and you’ll be a better person. Once you do this, you can start to give yourself to your job, to your business relationships, and to the world. YOU are an exclusive product, and this product is what you should bring to all of your networking experiences. Lay down your principles and leave the mob behind. Don’t pretend to be something you’re not or you’ll fail.

Selling Yourself – Exploit your skills and flair.

It may be a truism, but if you don’t enjoy things, you won’t do them well. To bring the best to a job or a business relationship you need to be honest about your pursuits. You need to be candid with yourself about your needs, about your natural gifts and acquired talents. Time is flying so get down to it now.

Selling yourself – Time is flying

Selling yourself means examining those parts of your life where you received praise without a lot of effort – that’s where your natural talent lies.

  • What do you take pleasure in?

  • What do you do to unwind?

  • What are your hobbies?

  • If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?

By taking a rain check, you might realize where your personality could shine in the work environment. If you’re not suited to a job or workplace, it will only bring tension. In the world of success or failure, the way you fit in makes all the difference.


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Selling Yourself –Write a list of what you don’t want to do.

Jot down the things that you have no interest in. Keep it for your eyes only, but the act of making a statement will free you to follow the areas where your interests and talents will do well.

Selling Yourself – Find your strong points, recognize your weaknesses.

Both in the world of business and personal relationships you should trying to sell YOU.

Strong points

You can’t start selling yourself if you don’t understand what you have. Examine who you are. Are you at ease talking in front of groups or do you hate it, can you handle maths, are you intellectual, do you possess business acumen, are you a natural leader?

What about the intangibles such as empathy, ambition, and tolerance? They’re very important in the real world; so when you’re writing down your strong points blend them with the other skills, let them compliment each other.


When you’re selling yourself you must understand your limitations. Use the same method as above to find where you’re weak and need to start improving skills. Be honest. When you understand where you’re coming from, you can sell your strong points and minimize your weakness. No one will be aware of your weakness, if you don’t tell.

Selling Yourself – Recognize what drives you

Most of what we do is driven by an unconscious motive. To find the power source of your drive, try to answer these questions.

  • What inspired your main achievements?

  • What fired you up in the first place?

  • What induced you to go down that particular route and no other?

  • What things tend to set you in motion?

Knowledge is power. Once you understand where your passion comes from it becomes a strong selling point. You can use it to interest a potential employer. They’ll love to know your trigger points.

Selling Yourself – Be prepared to:-

  • Verify what you’ve done and how you did it.

  • Show what assignments you’ve run.

  • Verify what you’ve managed.

  • Show what you’ve designed.

  • Explain or demonstrate how you went that extra mile.

Selling Yourself – Deliver Your Ambition and Accomplishments

Companies are always searching for that top 10% – 30% employee who can really achieve. Leave them in no doubt that you can meet it.

Expect interviewers to ask pertinent questions regarding your

  • Accomplishments

  • Triumphs

  • Resourcefulness

  • Leadership potential.

Managers are conscious that some candidates can stand out in a one-hour interview, but what about the long term? You need to demonstrate that you can deliver what you promise. You must exhibit what you’ve accomplished, and how you got there

To not be totally prepared, to have no proof available, simply won’t do.

If you’re not quite up to standard in an area, now is the time to recognize it and bring yourself up to scratch. Get involved. Show initiative. Develop those skills and activities.

Selling Yourself – You are a business

Successful people look upon themselves as a business. They behave like a business, they think like a business. They respect accomplishment, endeavour, and excellence. They use time-management, and value their own status.

You’re a company with a valuable product, and skill knowledge – so start selling yourself right now. Your career progression depends on it.

Your CV should become your sales catalogue; it should draw attention to your strengths and play down your weaknesses. Your appearance, clothing, and behaviour should be in harmony with your business principles. Join the “Top 10% – 30% Club” or remain run of the mill club.

Selling Yourself – Reputation is everything

Remember, reputations take forever to build but can be destroyed in a second.

If you’re intent on selling yourself – and everyone should – start building your reputation now – and make sure you hang onto to it.




Selling yourself – end of – selling yourself.


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