Make Watercolor Paints for Kids You Can Scratch ‘N Sniff

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Do your kids ever come to you bored out of their “gourds?”  Here is a fun, easy, cheap way to entertain them.  Get the supplies and keep them on hand for a rainy day, then surprise them and encourage their creative minds and keep them busy with these homemade watercolor paints made from Kool-Aid that they can scratch N sniff when dried.

Step 1

Go to a school supply store or section of a craft store and buy white glossy watercolor painting paper (because it doesn’t “bleed” through).  Buy some watercolor paint brushes too.

 Step 2

Buy a white plastic ice cube tray (easier to see the colors with a white tray).

 Step 3

Go to the store and buy up to 12 packets of different colors of Kool-Aid drink mix (no sugar added kind).

 Step 4

When the kids are ready to paint, empty 1 packet into 1 section or cup of the ice cube tray. Continue with the rest of the packets.

 Step 5

Turn on the water to a fast drip and fill each section of the ice cube tray 3/4 up.  Stir with the end of the handle of a spoon or a chopstick to dissolve the Kool-Aid powder.

 Step 6

Let their creations dry overnight.  The next day, scratch the different colors of paint on the paper and smell the different fruity flavors!

 Step 7

Hang them on the frig or in your room!

 Step 8

TIP #1:  Kool-Aid tends to stain clothing and hands, so wear old clothes or aprons.

TIP #2:  To keep siblings from “fighting” over the watercolors, have them sit across from each other and with the ice cube tray in the middle, let each have their own 6-section side of watercolors.


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