Get Closer to God Now!

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Whenever you’re feeling depressed, do not wait a moment longer!  Get yourself close to nature.  Go to a park or if you can’t do that, sit by a tree or among plants and flowers.  The vibrations in nature are incredibly high because it is God’s creation!  You’ll instantly feel at ease!

The next best thing is animals.  The company of animals makes a lot of people happy which is why people have pets.  Animals are always present and in the now.  They are never emotional and fully enjoy life.  Their high vibrations will rub off on you!

Another thing you can do if you’re feeling sad is to dance.  Put on your favorite tune and get moving.  The simple act of moving around will make you feel better.  This is why many rituals of Native American tribes include dancing and drumming. 

Even though you may find it difficult to laugh when you’re feeling sad, laughter is very powerful.  When we find the humor in all things in life, nothing can truly bother us.  We are set free from the stresses and worries of the world!  We become child-like and connect to spirit.  The medicine people of the world called shamans know this knowledge very well and thus keep their frequencies consistently high in order to do their work.  Try hanging out with your friends and joke around.  Or watch a funny program on TV. You’ll feel better in no time!

If nothing has worked for you yet, you can always turn to your family.  Being around people that you know genuinely care about you and will support you no matter what is reassuring and calming when your frequencies are low.

Lastly, if you’re still feeling sad, you can try having your favorite food.  Now, I’m not saying to stuff yourself with junk food but to have a good wholesome meal to get your spirits up. 

Even though life can be hard at times, you must remember that everyone has their ups and downs.  You are not alone!  Luckily, God has given us so many beautiful things that help remind us how wonderful life is!


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