How to Unlock and Jailbreak your Iphone on Windows

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1.     The first thing you are going to need to do is download the program for windows, it is called QuickPwn and it can be found here (the link is safe, and a direct link to the software publishers website):


2.     The next thing that you will need to download is an Iphone restore file, which can be found on the apple website. Be sure to download the proper version of the firmware to match your phone.

Now, to the good stuff!

3.     Once you have downloaded your restore file, make sure to take note of where you have saved it.

3.1   The first thing you are going to need to do is to plug in your Iphone to your computer.

3.2   Once it is plugged in run your copy of QuickPwn. It should automatically find your saved restore/firmware file, if it doesn’t you will be given the option to manually browse to where you have saved it.

4.     Once QuickPwn detects your device you will be given multiple options, you must choose which mode to run the program in. Choose the “Expert mode”.

4.1   Next go to general setting and DEselect the “update baseband” option, but leave every other setting as is. QuickPwn will give you the option to install Sydia, which you need to do if you want to Jailbreak your Iphone as well.

4.2   Once all of this is selected, you will be brought back to the main menu, select the button that says Build, and choose where to save your modified file. If a pasword prompt comes up before the save, it is the same password as your computers administrator password.

5.     Now, after saving your file, open up Itunes and wait for it to recognize your phone. Once your phone is recognized you must go to the information tab. When you see the “Update and Restore” button, hold down shift (on mac you need to hold down the “option” button) and left click on the Update and Restore button. An explore window will open up, you then navigate to the modified file you made in QuickPwn, select it, and let Itunes do it’s thing. Once Itunes is finished, so are you! Enjoy your unlocked and Jailbroken phone!


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