How To Get Web Design Clients and Keep Them!

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You recently completed your web design course and now you really want to show the world what you got. The tragedy of most web designers is that they usually get very few clients and even with those very few …they can’t even keep them on as long term paying clients.

As someone like myself who is coming from the marketing side, and who has worked with many web designers.. I can share with you some insiders secrets why clients will “drop you” very quickly.

Lets get started:

Many web designer are very talented. Thats a good thing, However when you are creating a website you should have one thing in mind: your client. Don’t design a heavily flashed up website so it will look cool in your portfolio. So many newbie web designers create websites that take for ever to open up. You will impress the client the first few times – but when he begins to realize that the traffic is not staying on his site – he will blame you.

Do you want your clients to keep you? Good! then master the art of SEO. What usually happens is that clients will end up realizing that they need SEO. They will hire someone (like me:) to do it…..what happens? We usually have to go back to the website and unfortunately re-do everything and in most cases re-do the whole site completely.

Most web design firms don’t deal with the SEO aspects of building a website. This will backfire on you in the long run! you must understand what are the critical elements for creating an SEO Google friendly website.

Follow these tips to keep and attract more clients to your business:

1) Study the art of creating an optimized website

2) Learn how to use WordPress or Drupal platforms

3) Build a website where the client has complete access to the backend

4) Stay away from flash!

5) When you get a project – study the competition websites and what they are doing right. Show your client that you have an understanding of his industry.

Follow these steps and clients will be happy to recommend you to other people!


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