Retro Video Game Review: Mega Bomberman (Sega Genesis)

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Overall rating: 4/5

Back in the heyday of the Sega Genesis, a certain popular character that had formerly only appeared on Nintendo titles made a modest splash in the game Mega Bomberman, which expanded on the single-player block-blowing mode and vastly enhanced the multiplayer combat format.

With a proven cast of characters and numerous new twists, Mega Bomberman arrived on the scene to prove its worth. Did it hold up well both against previous Bomberman games and on its own merits?


The story mode pit Bomberman against the forces of evil as he had to battle his way through six planets, with multiple levels each, in order to recapture the broken pieces of the artifact that would allow him to reach the final boss and save the galaxy. Although it lacked a save feature, it at least had a password function, and was a fun romp throughout.

But the multiplayer mode is where Mega Bomberman truly shined, with up to four players simultaneously and many differing levels to choose from; not just in appearance but in quirks, from a stage with conveyor belts to one where every combatant could move faster.

The play for either mode was simple, explosive, and a classic good time.


Fun and colorful, the game featured the usual suspects for adventure worlds: A fiery place here, an ice theme there, etc. Although the cartoony appearances were not the most technically impressive, they did their job well at establishing a specific feel for the experience overall.


The sound is actually a minor disappointment: Yes, the bomb explosions sound fine, but otherwise, the effects are not much to speak of (use a green Louie steed and its dash ability sounds a little off). The music is upbeat and appropriate, but a little lackluster.

Creativity and Innovation

The same type of game had been done with previous Bomberman titles, but there were a few notable innovations for this version. New power-ups made an appearance, including one that allowed a player to lay bombs down in a line, and the ever-coveted Kick ability to kick a bomb away. Also, there were these kangaroo-like things called Louies, in five different colors, each with a different ability (dance, jump, bomb kick-over, block kicking, speed dash), and , in addition to just providing the value of being able to take an additional hit (if a bomb struck, the Louie died, leaving the Bomberman still around).

Overall, as with most Bomberman titles, the singe-player mode was monotonous and somewhat boring. Despite the rich environments and constant combat, bomb warfare against the computer gets tiring. The multiplayer mode is where any Bomberman title shines, and the Mega installment is no exception, still the favorite of many. For providing a worthy party-game legacy, Mega Bomberman respectfully earns four stars out of five.


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