How Not to Pick Up a Girl: Easiest Ways to Turn Women Off

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Obviously, no catcalling, booing or anything of that sort. It is degrading and well, it is the 21st century where big cities tend to get dangerous. You don’t want a woman trying her new pepper-spray on you do you? I am not kidding, my friend carries one around and she has used them twice.

Now, Let’s go over the two worst lines ever before we move on to don’ts.

 * “Can we meet?”           

 I hear this one a lot. It doesn’t matter where you spot her. This sounds bad. If you want to meet, you can smile sweetly and see if the girl is smiling back. You can say hi. You can see if you can strike a conversation. You don’t need to be original. If she is interesting, she will talk back without trying to avoid you. If the conversation goes well, ask her out for a cup of tea. The worst answer is no but at least you get a chance to practice with a beautiful stranger. The next time, you can do better. “Can we meet” gets a no and you end up…well, you might leave the impression of a cheesy loser.

* “Can we ….?”

  • Nope, I m not trying to get an R-rated post. Some guys think being in bars means only one thing: that the girl is there to shag. Maybe she is. But as long as she is absolutely drunk or obnoxious, there is a big chance she will say no. Suppose it worked and you got her in bed. There are two possibilities in the morning. One of you will head out the door screaming. The movie Coyote Ugly has coined a phrase for this: coyote ugly-Waking up next to a person as ugly as a coyote (duh!) and this is not something you’d probably want to handle with a hangover.

 You got her talking? OK. Here’s what NOT to do.

  • Insult her. Hit her where it hurts. What did you say? Clive Owen pulled this off in a movie? Hello? Do you look or sound anything like him? Well, if not, don’t try. It is old, stupid and just plain awful. There might be some idiotic women out there who fall for this. But you might miss out some great fun by turning off gorgeous, interesting women with self-respect.
  • Be cheesy. Very cheesy.
  • Pay attention to everybody else
  • Flirt with her friend.
  • Boast of yourself.
  • Never shut up.
  • Don’t really listen what she is saying.
  • Talk about your mother and your exes.
  • Talk about your magic number (the number of women you slept with)
  • Be sexist.
  • Be obnoxious.
  • Be extremely arrogant.
  • Dirty talk.
  • Swear all the time
  • Only talk about Starwars, football and other sports.
  • Insult her taste  in music.

It can go on forever but hey, I am sure you more than get the idea.


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