Public Toilet vs. Private Toilet

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One big difference between public toilet and private toilet is that public toilet is used by many people who are unrelated to each other while a private toilet is a toilet used by a small group of related people. So, let’s move on to distinguish between the two.

Advantages of public toilet

Toilet that is used by many people can be cheap. They can share the cost of building and maintaining the toilet. Also, because public toilet is used by many people, they tend to be less scary because many people are coming in and moving out.

Disadvantages of public toilet

Diseases could be spread around the toilet. Because it is used by many unrelated people, we cannot be sure their identity. Some of them may have HIV or other infectious diseases which may be water-borne or air-borne. These diseases could infect many people in the process of using public toilet.

Private Toilet

Private toilet was never a common thing before 1950s. Before 1950s, people used to stay in houses without a private toilet; they urinate and do their business on a toilet that is used by everyone in the village. With the advent of sanitation process, we began to build private toilet for the specific use of our family. Toilet seats can be designed whichever way we pleased and we could include other amenities like a shower, bath tub and also Jacuzzi. Using private toilet has definitely made our life better because it has helps us to get rid of the deadly diseases and keep our children healthy.


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