Living in a Stressful World

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As the world changes and our lives change with it, dealing with our daily problems and other serious difficulties can be a tough struggle. Technology can provide us with many great possibilities and make our lives easier. But, as the world continues to grow and change, stress seems to be growing as well. New discoveries and modern inventions constantly benefit our lives, but they come with problems as well.

Conflicts arise between people and groups of people. Rivalries are born. Poverty is widespread. Our health and even our very survival is at steak. The population continues to grow, forcing us to deal with larger numbers of people. The balance of nature has been subjected to stress and it seems that the people are even competing for the natural recourses of the world.

The personal needs of the people is affected by this worldly stress. Nourishing ourselves and taking care of our physical well being has become a struggle. Some of us have to fight to continue our education and others give up on that fight all together.

Some people lose their jobs, even though they are perfectly capable of doing the work, simply because they could not get along with the other people who worked there. Personality difficulties can disrupt our lives and even threaten our careers.

Emotions play an important role in our lives. We fall behind if we cannot control our attitudes. We retreat from opportunities, simply because our feelings have been hurt. We give up on our dreams when our motivation slips away.

We must work out our own individual problems and find our own strength. We need to understand people and society in order to learn how to deal with those things. Everything around us affects us and it’s up to us to learn how to survive in a stressful world.


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