How to Contact your Power Animal

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You must get yourself into a relaxed mode.  This can be done by sitting down on a chair or cross-legged on the floor or lying down on your back in a comfortable position.  Next, begin to breathe in and out deeply.  Aim for breathing in for five seconds, holding your breathe for five seconds and breathing out for five seconds.  Continue this breathing exercise until you feel your mind becoming clear and your mental chatter becomes quiet.  Then imagine yourself in a natural setting.  It could be in a field of flowers, the beach, a cave or a valley.  Or it could be any other natural and made up place you desire or feel comfortable in.  Spend some time here using your five senses.  For example, you can observe how this place smells like.  Smell the fresh air or flowers.  You can touch the rocks and grass.  Pick a fruit if you see any and taste it.  Hear the natural sounds of this place like the wind blowing, the sound of water rushing in a stream, the sound of birds. The trick is to make this place appear as real to you as you can make it. 

Once you have spent some time in your place, you will notice an animal come to you.  It can be any animal.  Even one form mythology or your imagination.  Whatever animal comes to you, accept it and treat it respectfully.  Remember, no animal is better than another because they all have different lessons to teach us.  Once you have met your power animal, spend some time with it.  Ask it if it want to tell you anything or give you any advice.  Again, accept anything your animal spirit tells you.  Give it some food.  They love to be fed and acknowledged as equals.  You can also spend time with them doing what they like to do.  You can swim with them if they are water animals.  You can fly with them if they are animals of flight.  This is your special place, so there are no limits to what you can do. 

After spending enough time with your power animal, thank it and you may ask it for assistance in some are of your life before returning back home.  Come back to your world and look up on your animal spirit either in a book or online.  There are countless of websites that have information on what each animal spirit represents and what lessons they have to teach us.  Also, find out as much as you can about your animal like special traits that they have to survive in the wild. This will bring you closer to your spirit animal and will allow you to communicate with them more effectively.  If you can, try and visit your particular animal in person, perhaps at the zoo or the park.  Be open to any signs they may give you.  You may also try to act like your animal to honor it.  If your animal is a bear, crouch down and walk like the bear.  Make a bear sound.  Become the bear and feel its power.  If you don’t know how to act like your animal, look up some nature videos on YouTube or the PBS website.  Don’t get discouraged if you can’t contact your animal spirit right away.  Just try again at a later time. 

There are many other ways to find out what your power animal is.  You can have an affinity to one animal all your life and that may be your power animal.  You can see this animal repeatedly lately in your life, trying to get your attention.  You can also dream about your animal spirit or have reoccurring dreams about an animal.  Even if they are scary to you, they may still be your power animal and you will have to overcome this fear.  Do not neglect you animal spirit.  If you do not give it enough attention, it will go away just as friends do.  Do not go months without spending time with them in some way.  At least once a week is the recommendation.  However, you can visit them as often as you like.  Honor you animal through art work.  You can draw it, paint it, sculpt it or express it in any artistic form you like.  Remember, honoring you animal is very important.  By doing these rituals, you are giving the animal devotion and respect and thus they will offer guidance and assistance.


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