Why positive thinking alone does not solve problems

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“The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible.” This quotation circulated on the Web says well enough about the power of positive thinking. Search the term “positive thinking” on Google, and you can easily and quickly get tons of information about positive thinking, all of which telling you the magic of positivity on your life. The benefits of positive thinking is being bloated in such a way that I don’t think you need to be reminded of it. However, have it ever crossed your mind that the importance of positivity is being exaggerated more than its worth. Positive thinking alone actually does not solve problems for you. The reason for it is simple.

First, what is problem solving? According to BusinessDictionary.com, it is “the process of working through details of a problem to reach a solution.” You need to go through a succession of steps to solve any problem. The first step is that you need to identify the problem and figure out the ultimate result you want. Then you need to look for solutions. By analyzing the current situation and available resources, you will then choose the best solution. Finally, you would implement your plan and have the problem solved. From a methodological point of view, positivity, which everyone seems to esteem highly, is nowhere to be found. That said, it is the problem-solving skills that matter most when it comes to solving problems.

This does not mean to write off all the importance of positive thinking in solving problems. Positivity does have its importance in solving problems, but solely relying on it would not make the problem less tricky. Take some real life occurrence as an example. Say you are burning the midnight oil for the approaching mid-term exam to compensate your laziness. Would positive thinking alone helps you pass the exam? Definitely not. Important as it is, positive thinking must work hand in hand with the right problem solving strategies to get you prepared for the situation. Just sitting there with a positive mind will get you nowhere. Positive thinking makes no magic for people who don’t take actions for themselves.

What positive thinking really does is that it keeps you upbeat and motivated in the process of solving problems. It is a commonplace to feel negative and beaten when you are faced with extreme difficulties. However, by having a positive mentality, you are better off no matter how gloomy the situation is. It is true that positive thinking alone does not solve problems, but if you work hard enough and use it to your advantage, it can be a powerful armor for you.


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