Five Ways to Mix Up Your Mac N Cheese (20 Minute Recipies)

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5 Ways to Mix Your Mac N’ Cheese

For those of you who have hectic lives, and a low budget, there is just not enough time in the day to plan out meals too. But the kids still have to eat, and so do you!

So this article is going to give you some quick and simple idea’s that can be used just about anytime you need them. They can all be made with 20 minutes, unless you like to make it take longer, and are cheap and easy to get from the store.

Our main ingredient is going to be “Mac N Cheese”, because everyone loves the stuff, and you can do more than just what is on the box!

1. Mac N Cheeseburgers

Okay, to make the absolute maximum of this recipe, it works best if you have frozen hamburger patties. However, fresh ground beef works too.

Mac N Cheese                       Hamburger Patty’s
Salt                    Pepper
Butter                    Milk

Step A:

Get out a medium to large sized pot and boil some water in it. Add a pinch of salt to speed it up a bit.

Step B:

Get out a large skillet that can take at least 3 burgers in it, and make sure you have a lid for it. Place your patty’s into the skillet with a spoonful of butter and then cover. Turn the temp to a medium level and let them cook.

Step C:

Flip the burgers a few times and add salt and pepper and any other seasoning you like.

Step D:

When the Mac N Cheese is ready, add powdered cheese, a few spoonfuls of butter and a half a cup of milk. Then stir together and turn the burner off.

Step E:

Get out your buns and prepare them the way you want them. Then place your patties on the buns, and a scoop of the Mac N’ Cheese, and place on the top bun.

Wal la! You’re done!

**Please Note** the way you are cooking the burgers is a type of “steam cooking” and they will be light to medium brown when they are fully done. They will be soft and moist and probably a bit greasy, but completely delicious to eat and fast to make.

2. Mac N Cheese Burrito’s

This one is another easy one that they won’t see coming.

Mac N Cheese            Ground Beef
Tortilla’s                Refried Beans
Mild Salsa                Taco Seasonings
Sour Cream                Milk

Step A:

Get out your pot and boil that water!

Step B:

Get out a skillet a does in bite sized pieces of ground beef. Add some taco seasoning to the meet here and there. Stir it at least every few minutes, and use enough butter to keep it from drying out. When mostly brown, place a lid over the skillet turn the heat down really low.

Step C:

Get your Tortilla’s ready by placing some re-fried beans and/or sour cream on them and spreading them to the edges of the tortilla.

Step D:

When the Mac N Cheese is ready, add some butter, milk and the powdered cheese sauce. If you have any shredded cheese and like that, add it now to get gooey rich Mac N Cheese

Step E:

Place the cooked beef onto the tortilla, then a scoop of the Mac N Cheese should do it. Place in a few dabs of salsa and anything else you like, and then roll up the burritos.

You Done!

3. Mac N Cheese Surprise

Mac N Cheese            Chicken or Ground Beef
Corn                    Peas
Shredded Cheese            Carrots
Milk                    Salt & Pepper
Anything else you want!

Step A:

Boil Water, Cook Ground Beef or Chicken.

Step B:

Does in peas, corn and sliced carrots into the water before it boils. Once it boils, let it do so for a minute or two, and then turn down to a medium heat and add the noodles.

Step C:

Add Salt and Pepper to Chicken or Ground Beef, stir constantly and use butter to keep it moist and the flavor into the meet. Add a little garlic if you want it to be extra special

Step D:

When the Mac N Cheese is ready. Butter, Milk and Cheese Powder. Stir it and the vegi’s up until everything is nice and cheesy, and then add some shredded cheese to make it better.

Step E:

Add the meat to your Mac N Cheese mix and let it sit for a few minutes to cool. Top with Honey Mustard to have a new revitalized taste to the Mac N Cheese!

You’re Done!

4. Mac N’ Alfredo

Mac N Cheese            Milk
Mozerella Cheese            Chives
Cheddar Cheese            Italian Seasonings            
Chicken Breasts            Butter

Step A:    Boil Water

Step B:    Slice Chicken into small bite sized pieces, place in a skillet on             medium high temp. Add Italian Seasonings and stir, add butter,             stir and make sure it stays moist.

Step C:    Add noodles to water with butter. Let them consume the water             some, and then add a cup or two of milk. Do Not Add Cheese             Powder!

Step D:    Add chicken to noodles, add shredded moz and cheddar, and             then chopped chives. Stir constantly, and add a little more milk             to make it richer if you prefer.

Step E:    Turn down burner and let everything site for 4 to 5 minutes to             thicken. When done, the mix should be white/yellow and be             creamy and flavorful.

Serve it up!

5. Mac N Cheese Fries

Mac N Cheese            Milk
Butter                    Ground Beef
Crinkle Fries or Jo Jo’s        Chives, Onions and/or Olives
Johnny’s Seasoning

Step A:        Boil Water

Step B:        Put Fries in the Oven, follow directions

Step C:         Cook Bite Sized Ground Beef in a skillet

Step D:        Add Johnny Seasonings to Beef

Step E:        Add Milk, Butter & Cheese Sauce to noodles

Step F:        Pull out Fries; place a pile on a big tray or plate

Step G:        Place Mac N Cheese over fries

Step H:     Add Chives, Onions, Olives, Avocado’s, and Salsa. Anything             you would like!

You’re Done!

Walla! No you know several ways to mix up your Mac n Cheese! It might not work every night, but it will cover any tough spots and leave you with plenty of time to relax when you get home.



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