How to Vote to Make Industrial Hemp Legal!

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One Step Closer to the Free State of Hemp!              

Wake up world! It’s time to get Industrial Hemp on the Ballet!

This is the one they didn’t want you to know about, the one that they were trying to keep quiet. Well it’s to bad, because this writer has stumbled upon an article that just isn’t getting enough attention!

Govtrack has been awesome enough to keep track of 2009 legislative committee activities, and currently, thanks to Tex. Rep. Ronald Paul we have

House Bill:  H.R. 1866: 2009-2010 Industrial Hemp Farming Act of 2009

A bill which intends to do as it should, Clearly Make a Distinct Difference Between Hemp Plants and Marijuana Plants!

This writer is shouting for joy, and through this article spread the news as far and wide as possible! Especially since this is a chance for every person who would like to be able to make a living off of one of the best plants on earth!

First we are going to go through what to do on GovTrack, to get your voice heard by your committee member, and then we can talk about some of the best reasons to decide to SPEAK UP NOW!

Lets talk about some easy and appropriate ways you can communicate your excitement and support of House Bill 1866. This way we make sure your support is noticed, and not ignored.

Tips for Writing to Your Rep.

1. Make sure to send and email and call

2. When writing to your representative, make sure to remember that they are extremely busy, and it does not good to try and write them a whole story about why you would like to see Hemp make legal and have it identified as a different plant then marijuana or cannabis.

3. It is best to send an email, as opposed to snail mail or fax. They are able to read through emails faster and easy, with less waste of paper. It’s the eco way to go.

4. Be polite, direct and open. Make sure to state your cause, why you support it, why you would like them to support, and what you would like them to do.

5. Make sure to right to the correct representative. You need to find the rep in your state and district. If you don’t, your email will be thrown out no matter how valid it is. The staff of your rep is not likely to have the time to forward your email to the right person.

6. Be honest and be brave, just as you are asking them to be. Include your full name, your address, your zip code and your phone number. This way they can contact you if needed, and they can confirm that you are in their district and a register voter.

IMPORTANT: If you don’t put your name, address, zip and number, they will throw out your email. This is because they can’t confirm you are a registered voter, and thus it makes your opinion worthless to them.

Now! On to finding the Reps you need to contact!

Starting from

You just click on this link: “View Committee Assignments” in the Status section. This will take you to the committee assignments section, where you can view the committee’s that are in charge of voting for House Bill 1866.

Click on the link for “House Energy and Commerce”  

(You can go back later and click on the others to do the same that are doing now.)

Once you are on the Energy and Commerce page, you will see a nice little menu of Representatives. Go from page to page until you find a Rep that is in your state. Mine for example would be WA.

So I click until I find the WA Rep in the Energy and Commerce Committee, which would be Jay Inslee US Rep WA 1st District.

Image via Wikipedia

Once you find that Rep for YOUR state, click on their picture. You will be taken to another page that tells a little bit more about your rep. On it you will see a link for their “Official Website”. Click on it and look for the “Contact tab”.

From there things are pretty self explanatory. Just use the contact form that they have available, and send your Rep your Support of House Bill 1866 to change the definition of Hemp.

Here is a Sample Email that is Free for anyone to copy and change around:


Dear (Your State Rep),

Thank you so much for doing everything you do.
I am emailing you today to inform you that I completely
support House Bill 1866 Industrial Hemp Farming Act
of 2009-2010.

I found that you are on the Committee of Energy and
Commerce, and it has been made the decision of that
committee to decide to support the Industrial Hemp Farming
Act of 2009-2010 (HB 1866).

I feel that Industrial Hemp is a completely different plant
from Marijuana, and that the production of Industrial Hemp
can greatly and directly benefit out community.

Please Sponsor it, and let me know if there is anyway I can
help you to support it.

Thank you so much for supporting the growth and health of
our great nation through allowing the production of industrial


(Your Name)
(Your Address)
(Your Phone Number)
(Your Email)


Feel free to use the above template, or just make your own!

Just remember to be clear about what you would like them to do, but be polite. No one wants to be yelled at or commanded to do anything. Make sure to note why you are contacting them, and what they can do. Also make sure to show your enthusiasm and support by offering to do something to help out.

Some ways you could help: Fundraisers, Petitions, Speeches, Rallies, etc…

Once you are done, double check to make sure you don’t have any typo’s and that all your information is correct, and then hit the SEND/SUBMIT button! You are done!

Why Should You Contact Your State Rep About Hemp?

Lets talk about some of the reasons that you should be contacting your State Rep right now:

Did you know that more than 90% of the Industrial Hemp plant can be used for non-edible products?

You can make anything from shoes to belts, socks to bra’s, furniture to insulation, concrete to plywood, rope to paper, car parts to household decorations and more!

That means that the majority of the Hemp plant is used to make things, and not as most commonly thought, to get “high” from.

You can use near 80% of the Hemp plant to make Topical products. Which are generally considered to be outer body applications. Things such as; Lotions, Creams, Tinctures or Ointments can be made. There are 100’s of Topical application products that can be made from Hemp.

Many clinics all over the US are already using Hemp to heal or manage the symptoms of some of our societies most prevalent ailments.

*Fibromyalgia        *MS            *Arthritis
*Neuropathy        *Inflammation    *Chronic Pain
*Restless Leg Syndrom    *Burns        *Diabetes

These are the only instances where Hemp Topical products are used, but they are some of the most important and prevalent ailments that are being noted as being helped or cured by Hemp products.

Near 60% of the Hemp plant is edible, and can be prepared with most of our diet, as a supliment, nutrient and health aide.

Many of the cannabinoids available in the Hemp plant alone, contain these useful properties and more:

*Antispasmodic             *Anti-Ischemic        *Anticancer
*Antiproliferative            *Antibacterial        *Antidiabetic
*Intestinal Anti-Prokinetic    *Analgesic (pain relief)    *Antipsychotic
*Bone-Stimulant            *Anti-Inflammatory    

With these reasons alone, I am sure you can see plenty of logical reasons to legalize Hemp and make a clear definition between it and Cannabis.

But just to keep with educational benefits you will receive from this article, lets talk about a few more useful parts of Hemp!

Did you know that Industrial Hemp has Anti-Bacterial, Anti-Fungal and Anti-Yuck properties? That’s right, you can clean with the green!

Hemp lovers are still scrambling for the best recipe, but there are already plenty of Hemp made cleaning products available. The benefits of cleaning with hemp products over anything else? They are safe, non toxic and efficient!

About 40% of the plant can be used for these cleaning products, including such things as Soap, which we all love and need more of in our lives. Why not enjoy a refreshing rub of Hemp Soap?

Hemp is no stranger to healing your wounds either, and has historically been a great natural cure for cuts, bruises and scraps. Around 12% of it can easily be turned into anti-septic products to help you stay away from infection and heal faster.

There are very few parts of the plant that are not useable, and most of those parts just haven’t been used “yet”. What is more amazing than being a nearly waste free plant, is that Industrial Hemp has little to no THC. Between 0-3% is the norm in industrial hemp, as the THC has pretty much been bred out of it.

Industrial Hemp is a cousin of the Cannabis or Marijuana Plant, and they once came from the same plant “Cannabis Sativa”. Although they are still commonly confused in the US, there are clear differences in the appearance, growth and cultivation of Industrial Hemp and Cannabis.

It is so important in times like these, that we speak up and make our voices heard. Web sites like and are great tools to keep us informed, but the only way to truly do any good is to become a part of the change you want to happen.

Make sure to lobby your reps, vote often, and keep updated with current Hemp & Cannabis news and laws. This way you are never out of the loop, and you can be the next writer to alert the world of their chance to make a difference!

Just think about the money that can be saved and generated from legalizing and cultivating industrial hemp

What are you still doing here?   

Go contact your state Rep and tell them you Vote Hemp!


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