Prescription drugs

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Where I come from, a little country town masquerading as a capital city, Hobart Tasmania, in Australia, there are not many street drugs. Some people smoke marijuana, or drink, some people take a little speed. But if you looked at the figures, I’m sure you would find that prescription drugs were in use in larger numbers than almost anything else. There is not much of a problem with prescription drugs here, but across the world, prescription drugs are used more than any illegal street drug. By prescription drugs I mean legal chemicals which cause a high for the user. You have everything from the pain killers, codiene, morphine, oxycontin, to the stimulants, ritalin, dex, to the tranquilizers, valium, xanex, serapax, to the drugs meant to get you off drugs, like methadone, naltrexone etc.

There are many people who need pain killers, or at least they seem to need them, and in most cases, doctors will only prescribe large amounts of strong pain killers to those who have a terminal illness, or those who are very old. This is for the simple reason that prescription drugs can kill you. Many older people take valium, or other benzos, as a way to relax, and I think I read a study that about ten percent of people over the age of fifty have a prescription of one of these. So what does this mean for young people? Many young children are still being prescribed ritalin for ADD, and this can often lead to abuse of the drug, or a continuation of drug use in later life. Doctors recommend that young people do not take any prescription drugs except where absolutely necessary, but how do you define what is necessary? A young man could be in terrible pain, and having been denied drugs by a doctor, he will go on to either kill himself, or steal or even kill for the money to feed an addiction to illegally obtained pain killers. Is it really the job of doctors to decide who lives and who dies?

The flipside of that is that if people were allowed to self medicate whenever they wanted, the drug problem would be ten times worse, and there would be many more overdoses, but less drug related crime. It depends on whether you are on prescription drugs, or illegal drugs at the time, as to which side of the fence you sit, which makes it hard to judge from both sides, straight or wasted. It depends on your personal views on life, and the importance of living a long life, or a pain free life, and one person or a group of people cannot speak for all on the subject of prescription drugs, as every case is different.


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