Erasing Yourself; how to remove your work from a Site

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It reaches a stage where you’d like to push a button and you and all your work would disappear from this site. For the most part, this is a fantasy.

Message Boards think they own the random remarks you’ve posted in various threads.  Publishing Sites, which make their revenue from Ads don’t want to see fifty or one hundred pages going down at once.

Some make deleting your work difficult if not impossible.  Other sites might notice that yesterday you had 432 published items, today you have 57 contact you and make a situation out of what should be personal.

Erasing yourself from a message board, taking down all your work on a publishing site needs to be done with a certain reticence.

On Message Boards it is usually a gang of Trolls who mauraude without constraint.  That they exist is a disgrace to the owner/sys admin.  That nothing is done about them confirms the owner/sys admin is no better than they are. So why complain about the behaviour of Trolls?  Pack up and go.

On Publishing Sites, i.e. Triond, one finds that they are in the midst of porn, garbage, and the kind of badly written prose the average ten year old would be ashamed to put his name on.

Here you are, writing like Shakespeare, researching every nuance, spell checking, fixing published work when you notice a comma out of place, and there, getting Two Million hits is a piece of dreck; falsely claiming a popular actor died, describing sounds made during sex, or an advertisement for diet pills made to look like an article.  You want out; you don’t want your name, even your nick, associated with that site.

What to do?

The first thing is to give the appearance of doing nothing.  This is so one does not alert the Sys Admin.

In most cases, the Sys Admin either couldn’t care less that the place is infested with trolls or that the site promotes garbage. Complaining is like telling the manager of the city dump his place is full of trash.  Why bother?

On some sites there is a feature where one can delete their account and everything posted with a keystroke. On most, it’s a manual deletion post by post, article by article.

Begin with the oldest posts/articles as long as they are not in busy threads or getting the most hits.  On Message Boards there are old threads which haven’t had hits for weeks.  Get in and delete your posts or edit them to gibberish.

Many lethargic Sys Admins will notice that yesterday you had 400 posts today you have 250 and this will wake them from their slumber and they might disable your controls.  Hence it takes longer, but is worth the time.

Firstly, remove any personal details in your ‘Control Panel’.  Change whatever you can. Take down your photo and replace it with some public domain image. Leave your username and email as is for now.

Work quickly.  You want to get rid of 90% of your posts at one go.  Once you’ve cleaned up all the old posts in dead threads, you now move to the live ones.  This has to be done quickly and at a time the Board is empty. You don’t want to be caught. You don’t want to be questioned.

Once you’ve completed, log off, log back on using a proxy server.  This is to change your I.P. address. Now, into your controls, change your username if you can and your email address to a non-existent one.  Log off.

If you’ve done it right, it should take over a week before they realise you’ve gone and so are your posts.

On a publishing site, select your best articles, put them as drafts in other such sites.  Triond, for example, allows you to change your username, so you can leave your dated or not particularly good stuff under another name until such time you can rework them and publish them elsewhere.

Do not make “Good Bye Forever!” posts.  They only lead to ridicule.  Just pack up and go.


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