Become Free From Fear with Sound Therapy

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Are irrational fears and phobias keeping you from living the life you want? Did you know that there are effective tools and techniques available (I know of 22 of them) for overcoming fear and living life free from fears and phobias? Applying Sound Therapy is one of the powerful tools at your disposal. The rest of this article will introduce you to the concept of Sound Therapy and how to cure fears with it.

Sound Therapy is a powerful set of tools for overcoming fear. Many types of Sound Therapy exist. Several of them are well suited to overcoming fear. Here are 5 powerful types:

Sound Medicine is a vibrational healing tool. Those who teach this therapy believe that sound reaches into geometrical and emotional imprints that are inherent in you. Using the proper sounds realigns the geometry to a state where you are no longer fearful.

Music can lift your mood and stimulate positive emotions. Any type of music that lifts your mood can work. Classical, popular, based on a guitar of harp of whatever instruments you like, if it uplifts you it is a form of Sound Therapy.

Solfeggio Frequencies are specific sound frequencies that the ancients believed provide spiritual blessings. These special frequencies are said to have been incorporated into Gregorian Chants, including several that have been lost to history. Now these same frequencies are being applied to treat a variety of problems and conditions.

Brain Wave Entrainment is an approach that gradually draws your brain waves into desired patterns and frequencies. By moving your brain waves into a calmer and quieter state, you can drive stressful and fearful thoughts from your mind.

Chanting works much like brain wave entrainment and can be used to move your mind into a state that is relaxed and no longer fearful.


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