Overcoming Fear with EFT

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Are irrational fears and phobias keeping you from living the life you want? Did you know that there are effective tools and techniques available (I know of 22 of them) for overcoming fear and living life free from fears and phobias? One of these powerful tools is called Emotional Freedom Techniques, or EFT. The rest of this article will introduce you to EFT and how to cure fears with it.

The popularity of EFT is growing among alternative health practitioners for several reasons. First, EFT works on many conditions. It isn’t a practice that is confined to those with fears and phobias to cure. Second, it is so simple that even children can learn and use the techniques. Third, it is surprisingly effective in a wide range of circumstances!

Behind the techniques of EFT is the belief that most of our problems are caused by unresolved emotional issues. Clearing blocked energy paths in your body allows you to resolve those emotional problems and the physical problems that they cause.

You may not agree that most of your physical ailments are caused by unresolved emotional issues, but that doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that however it works, EFT does work for many people in many situations.

The basic action in EFT is using two fingers to tap (lightly) on certain points which correspond to the energy meridians in your body. If this sounds too simple to be true, don’t worry. Just because it is simple doesn’t mean it can’t work! The key is knowing exactly where to tap (there are several points you can use), how to create a Setup Statement that applies to your situation, and then how to properly complete a round of tapping. Master these things and you’ll know everything you need to know to start using EFT in your own life.

Try Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and see for yourself. A few taps may be all it takes to cure fears and phobias that have been plaguing you.


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