Live Free From Fear with The Sedona Method

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Is fear disrupting your life or holding you back? Are you aware that with the right tools you can overcome fear and phobias to live the life you want and deserve? One powerful approach is called The Sedona Method. Let’s talk about how The Sedona Method lets you live your life free from fear.

You can free yourself from fear with The Sedona Method. (It will actually work with any negative emotions.) It is built around the idea that feelings are only feelings. They do not define us and we can let go of them if we choose to do so. The act of letting go of or releasing these feelings lessens their ability to affect us. So when we let go of our fearful feelings, they lose their impact on us and we feel less fearful.

The method offers three main approaches. You can use them individually or combine them in any way that helps you get the results you want. Let’s take a quick look at each of these approaches:

Consciously choosing to let go of (release) the feeling means exactly that. You consciously choose to “step away” from this feeling, distancing yourself from it. You haven’t eliminated the feeling or anything like that, but because it is distant from you, it has less power to affect you. With the feeling’s grip on you loosened, you are free to get on with your life.

Another approach is to allow and accept the feeling. This entails experiencing the feeling and observing its effect on you. The point here is to realize that your feelings can’t hurt you. You may be afraid but that fear won’t harm you and doesn’t have to control you in any way.

The third approach is to embrace the essence of the feeling. To do this you would allow the feeling to come, but instead of letting it go or accepting it, you would actively study it. You would observe the effects of the feeling on your body, study how different thoughts change the feeling and so on. The idea is that if you embrace the feeling and learn from it, it will lose intensity more quickly than if you try to ignore or avoid it.


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