How to Become Free From Fear through Affirmations

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Are irrational fears and phobias making it impossible for you to live the life you want? Are you aware that with the right tools you can overcome fear and phobias to live the life you want and deserve? Affirmations are one of the powerful tools at your disposal. Let’s talk about how you can use the power of Affirmations to live your life free from fear.

When it comes to dealing with our fears, affirmations are positive statements that we make with the intention of shifting our focus from fearful, worrisome issues and thoughts to more peaceful, joyful, and upbeat states. For these kinds of affirmations, the goal is simple: lessen or eliminate the fear. They’re just as easy to use.

Hundreds of pre-written affirmations are available online. These work well enough, but you can also create your own that target your exact issues. Anyone can create their own affirmations. It simply requires a bit of explanation on how to create an effective one.

While affirmations are easy to craft and use, they do require consistency and determination. You can only alter your state of mind very gradually, so going from a generally fearful state to a generally positive one will take a while. This takes time, which means that you must repeat your affirmations numerous times for them to have their full effect. That said, the minimal amount of work this takes is surely a small price to pay for relief from your fear.

Let’s say that you are afraid to give a speech. You could create an affirmation like, “I feel confident and comfortable about giving this speech.” Continue to repeat the affirmation in your head (aloud works even better) and soon you will feel the effects. However, sometimes your subconscious mind will object and point out that your fear and discomfort still exist.

Thankfully, there are a few ways to get around this subconscious resistance, meaning you can still achieve the state of mind you seek. Once you are fully versed in creating and using affirmations you’ll be able to work around this problem to get the full benefit of the technique.


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