Out of Body Experience

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I was baptized as an infant and brought up in a Christian home. My high school days were formative times for my Christian faith and my relationship with my Lord. Many people contributed to the nurturing of my faith in my Lord Jesus Christ. One of my closest and guider was my mother. She would usher me to church every Sunday and prayed for me in every little occasion we had. In her simple small ways such as these shaped and instill in my desire to be a Christian.  I always thought of my relationship with Christ as something at supernatural and spiritual realm and nothing concrete and real until I had the out of body experience: OOBE.

One night in 2007, I was one of the members of our local church youth group that went to a settlement for our weekly fellowship meeting. On our way to the settlement we were held up by some thugs. A pistol was pointed at my fore head. As I felt the cool smooth surface of the pistol’s barrel, I was shut off.

Something else happened, suddenly my spirit or my personality or whatever it was, it was getting out of my mortal, physical body and stood on the side of the street on which we were held up. It was me, the same me, but the spirit me went and watched my body being held up. I watched everything the thugs did to me. My brains were blown up; blood and membranes spurted out onto my clothes, and flowed on to the tars. The bitumen of the sealed street was splashed with blood. As my spirit watched what the thugs did to body, blue flies attracted by the odor of my blood swarmed the scene.

In the split of a second, I saw police and ambulances came to the scene. They took my corpse to the morgue. The next thing I saw was my corpse put into a casket and paraded into our local church for funeral service. I saw clearly my wife dressed in black with our four children clinging onto their mother as they accompanied the coffin.

As a spirit I watched without regret or remorse of any sort, but enjoyed the scenes that unfolded before my very eyes until my mother came around. My corpse was airlifted home as the incident occurred in a city far away from my village. My mother must have received the news of my passing. She was at the airport awaiting the plane that had the corpse to land.   As the plane descended to land, she threw herself at airstrip and ran onto the runway for the place to kill her. She  tried to commit suicide because she could not bear the pain of losing her first born son.

At this moment, I struggled in my spirit body or my personality. I said in a loud voice from where I stood watching, “No Mother! No! “Instantly, I found my spirit inside my body. I felt the cool, icy touch of the barrel of the pistol. I felt it, my first time ever, of a weapon of any sort. I ducked and gave a very strong under cut to the unsuspecting thug. The pistol came off his grip. I did not care to do anything, but ran for my life to the nearest house to get help. The thugs also ran for their life, escaping from avenging neighborhood into the crowded streets few meters away from where it all happened.

Out of Body Experience (OOBE) shows many things. First, there is spiritual part of human that exists in us. That spirit dwells in the body and will depart when the body dies.  It is also important to note that the body houses the spirit and the body has to be looked after well. For Christians, the message is very precise and clear for us. “The spirit, the Lord God breathed into us to give us life shall return to him and body shall return to the dust because from it we came” upon our death.  We are not just biological beings and subject to death and to disintegrate into soil and become another biological matter- soil. We are partly biological and spiritual.

Second, there is proof of immortality. If the spirit returns to its own owner or to take its residence elsewhere, it will take a new form of life other than the one it lived when it was in the body. For Christians, it will be a glorified life that was won for us by Christ. For other religions, they have the concept of reincarnation. It is all to do with immortality, life after death. And sure there is life after death.

For Christians, it is the life that Christ has won for you on the cross and it will be the same life, but lived in a glorified body and in a new paradise without sin and to be lived into eternity.


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