are you hungrey or its just your temptation to eat?

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Genral observation is , people are obese coz of there bad eating habits. Well nowe obese should avoid oily food, no doubt its gonn help. And we should intake a lot of fruits and liquid items( of cuarse not the liquar beer etc :)).

But 80% of the time it is observed that , obese are obese coz they are not able to decide whether they are hungrey or not. In 50% of peoplejust leave there seat and go for eating to get rid of there work pressure for a while, of caurse smokers have this big ascuse to get rid of there work pressure for a while. I don’t know how to how to let smokers avoid there ciggrate but, a fatty person definitely know if he/she is hungry or not or its only there wish to eat at that moment:-

1. Just take your right hand  finger towrads your nostrils. You will feel that always either your own right nog faster or your left nostril is running faster without any blockage( of cuarse if your are not suffering with cold :))

Your left nostrils air flow is called “Chandra Nadi” according to Indian Yoga Techniques. and your right nostril flow is called “Surya Nadi” .

When your “Chandra nadi” is stronger, in 95% of the cases, you are NOT hungry but your body may need fluid like water and fruit juice.

When your “Surya Nadi” is stronger , in 75% of the cases , your body and your stomach need something to eat.

When both of the Nadi’s are equally stronger, you genrally like to avoid/skip food and you like happily continuing your work.

I have observed, this theory is 70% of the time correct.

2. When your “Surya nadi” is stronger, eat light food like, fruits, vegitarian non oily food.

3. Have a fast running session in your daily schedule for atleast 5 minutes.

4. avoid using lift o upstairs.

Definitely in 3 weeks you will observe changes in your body and mind set. You will internally feel healthy,even if you don’t observe a weight loss.

Even id you don’t wanait, just try it out for 1 week, it will help you improving your mind set.

Sources:- BabaRamDev Yoga Books.


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