Why People Date?

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Dating between men and women began long time ago. However, back in the days it was done to see whether two people, interested in being in relationship with each other and also whether they were compatible or not. There is a transition in how society behaves now and with that the meaning of dating has also revolved. In details, the dating session is no more limited to meeting someone for a serious relationship. Therefore, we must ask as to what are some of the reasons behind dating in today’s society? Of course, there are answeres to it and some of these are listed here.

To gain experience- Many people do not usually come in contact with the opposite gender. Yes, this happens and it has many reasons like shyness, being in one gender sibling family or friend circle, low self esteem and so on. So once these people reach a certain point in their lives they feel that through dating multiple times they can gain experience on how to talk to someone from the opposite gender.

To get the ego boosted- Yes, you are reading it correctly. Some people feel good in the presence of the opposite gender. But once work becomes the rule of the day, being near the creatures of opposite gender for flattery is not always possible to have. So weekend dates become a good way to gain it.

To add more numbers- Some young people think that having a number of dates is a way to express to others that they are confident and capable of winning the hearts of the opposite gender. So they go on an odyssey to date as many people as possible.

To cut off loneliness- These days many young people live by themselves. Due to a constraint in time and finance, sometimes they choose to not go into a relationship. But the loneliness does haunt them. So to cut off a little bit of it, they accept a few hours’ dating sessions.

To get laid- Dating in many countries can let singles have an easy access to satisfying their physical needs. This reason for dating is extremely common in places like New York and California. It basically starts with a dinner in the evening and a few conversations. It is usually seen that when the female has got comfortable with the male date she invites him to spend the entire night with him which lets both of them enjoy sex with no strings attached. However, if sparks are felt during the sex session another date is often planned.


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