Family Trees: Professional Online Assistance

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To some people discovering their roots is extremely important. Exploring their genealogy, or “roots”, if you will, can make a huge difference in establishing their self-identity and raising their self-esteem. (It is also helpful to know something about where you came from when school projects are assigned, too.)

Although you can probably get some free information about your family tree from online or even theoretically do some research yourself the quickest way to get significant results is to consult professionals. There are several available to you on the internet. In fact, with the current state of the American economy, some of these services are providing their services at reduced rates.

Online websites designed to assist you in discovering your family history include such sites as offers a “free start” and a free family tree chart. At the time of this writing they are also offering a free two-week trial. This site also has a free newsletter and has banks of collected information you can sift through on your own.

Another online site is They claim their “rates are . . . the best in the business” and that their “fees are competitive”. They offer free estimates and have a free “800” number. They claim to have “over 200 years cumulative experience” in the field and they take most major credit cards.

Yet another service on the web is As this is being written they are offering a 33 percent discount. They also distinguish between those wanting an actual family tree and those wanting to research their database. They pride themselves in supplying customers with internet-based collective family trees.

Still another site that could help you find your ancestors is This particular site assists you in searching for your ancestors and locating your family surnames in some of the best and largest free genealogy databases online. While the site might not have the most flashy or attractive appearance, it appears to be a well-used website. It includes bible records, transcriptions and images.


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