Freelance Writing Ideas and Article Topics on the Raw Food Diet

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 Public interest in Living and Raw Foods and the Raw Food Diet is strong and widespread. People around the world are increasingly interested in learning about and exploring this way of eating, said to promote radiant good health and happiness. Helpful, informative articles are needed, and should be welcomed, on all aspects of the subject. Here are suggestions for creating unique writing topics and article ideas about raw food.

 One way to come up with an unusual writing theme is to combine a couple of sub-topics into one article subject. Sub-topics pertaining to the Raw Food Diet could include: Benefits, Food Preparation Techniques, Original Recipes, People, and Events.

  For example, the subject of Benefits could be broken down into sub-topics such as good health, mental clarity, optimism, youthfulness, etc. Food Preparation Technique subtopics might include blending, food processing, soaking, sprouting, and dehydrating. Original Recipes (invented by you): soups, salads, main entrees, desserts, snacks, appetizers, etc. People sub-topics could be age related, such as young children, teens, and elderly; or work-related such as work-at-home Moms, office workers, or traveling businesspersons. And Event sub-topics might include specific well-known holidays or any other special life events, transition, hobbies, or activities.

 Combining a couple sub-topics together is an effective way to create an interesting theme for an article. Using the Raw Food Diet as our main subject, here are some sample articles of how this could work:

 Simple Raw Blended Soups Young Children Love –  (Original Recipes plus People sub-topis)

 Hearty Dehydrated Entrees to Entice Meat-and-Potato Guys – (Original Recipes plus People sub-topics)

 Overcoming Depression with a Raw Food Diet – (Benefits plus People sub-topics)

 How to Decorate Raw Christmas Cookies – (Food Preparation plus Events sub-topics)

 Easy but Elaborate Raw Wedding Cakes – (Food Preparation plus Events sub-topics)

 Portable Raw Energy Snacks for Car Vacations – (Original Recipes plus Events sub-topics)

 Younger Looking Skin After Menopause with Raw Foods – (Benefits plus People sub-topics)

 Another way to come up with writing themes is to create an unusual angle regarding any one sub-topic. Again, using our examples, sample articles might be:

 How a Raw Food Diet may Increase Mental Clarity – (Benefits sub-topic)

 10 Easy Ways to Get Your Family to Enjoy Raw Foods – (Food Preparation sub-topic)

 Recipe Ideas for Raw Food Potlucks – (Original Recipes sub-topic)

 As you can see, by creating and combining lists of sub-topics about raw food, you can come up with a great variety of unique ideas for articles.


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