Top 10 Tips On Quitting Smoking

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Are you searching ways of quitting smoking? For many may seem impossible, but I’ve found some solutions that worth trying.

  • Getting motivated

Think about what motivates you most. Health, by example, can be a strong reason. Smoking has a negative influence on it. So decide. Health or smoking?

  • New concerns

Change your program. Try to remove from your daily program those situations which could cause you need of smoking. Involve yourself into pleasant activities, which will not cause you stress.

  • Sports

To stop thinking all the day at smoking try going at the gym or make jogging in the park. Be an active person.

  • Get support

Don’t be afraid of involving your family and friends. They can help you on your way of quitting smoking. Don’t think that you can handle it yourself.

  • Think at the advantages of quitting smoking

Money is a very important advantage. Think about the money you will save. You can spend it on other useful things.

  • Your look

Think about how you look now, while smoking and how will you look in the future if you quit smoking. Your hands, theet, hair and breeth will be way much better.

  • See a doctor

He will tell you more about the consequences of smoking. If you want you can check your health to see if smoking has had any bad influence on your body till now.

  • The day you stop smoking

Set a day when you will stop smoking and try to respect it. It can be a day with important semnification for you so you get more motivated.

  • Coffee – BAD

Try also to reduce the number of coffees that you drink. It containes nicotine and you will feel the need to smoke.

  • Avoid the temptation

Usually, alcohol is an obstacle in this process. So try to avoid it like any other things that can cause you a relapse.

Try this steps and you can succeed on your way on quitting smoking. It can be hard for many but if you believe in yourself you will get rid of this nasty addiction.


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