How to Get through Airport Security Quickly and Safely

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Some people that travel more frequently by air are more aware of the changes of security levels at the airport than others that do not travel so frequently. Below are steps to keep it short and simple so you can move on to your flight quicker without running too much.

Start with the bins, know that you can use more than one (do not put everything in one as you will be asked to separate your items taking double the time), in the first one place your shoes, belts and jacket, in the second one your laptop (if you are traveling with one) and in the third one place your zip lock bag or bags with the three ounces of liquids.

Next do not bring bottled water or any other beverages in plastic bottles or cans as you will have to leave it behind, however you can buy a bottle once you are in the right gate waiting to board if you wish.

Thirdly make sure to keep silent which is golden so you can move faster, any snarky or sarcastic comments can get you in much trouble with security and you risk missing your flight and you do not want to risk that.

Lastly keep your passport and boarding pass in your hands and as the bins start getting by place your laptop back in the bag and your items such as belts and jackets back on before moving forward.


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