Contraception: 10 commandments!

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First, pregnancy is not always regarded in the couple as a happy event. There are countless situations in which pregnancy is an undesirable event and its occurrence is the result of negligence or lack the most basic medical knowledge. Or, in the third millennium, something unacceptable.
However, even when used often, contraceptive methods are used improperely, after an advice of a neighbor or a friend, than by that of the doctor. Not to mention that there are doctors who prescribe a particular method of contraception without knowing anything about the patient without seeing even if that patient is not somehow in major contraindications with that method.

And because  human poverty, I made a list of 10 commandments “almost biblical” in terms of contraception. This means that they must be respected scrupulously to our health if we:

1. The interruption of pregnancy rate on demand, even if legal, is not a contraceptive method, but one extremely hasty “repair” of a fabulous mistake: absence or failure of contraception and, as in any hastily done work, consequences and risks can be sometimes high. Why take the risk? Use contraception!

2.  There is not one contraceptive method, but  dozens of methods adapted to health, age and budget of everyone. Find out about contraception right places. And inform yourseves and on your friends and neighbors as for contraception only the gynecologist can give the right piece of advice.
3. Choose contraceptive method that suits you in every way, after you make sure you understand all the issues involved.
4. Ask your gynecologist about the disadvantages of certain methods, not only about its success rate. Each method has the absolute and relative contraindications that you do not know, but that your doctor knows them. There could be methods that are not working for you!
5. Do not forget to ask your doctor and how long it is advisable to use a specific contraceptive method.

6. Do not forget to go to regular medical checks that use a particular method involved. Your doctor should tell you which is rhythm and purpose of these controls (quantification of tolerance and adverse effects), but it is your duty to go to your doctor and make the necessary investigations.
7. Follow the medical specialist, because he is able to weigh the benefits and risks of certain methods of contraception to a particular person.
8. Always choose a reversible contraceptive method if you still want children. Your doctor gynecologist will inform you what are these methods.
9. Give up preconceptions like “contraceptive pill will make you fat(from food and inactivity as fattening pill does nothing more than to increase appetite, but you can master your appetite if you really want. Get information from people who have knowledge and experience necessary to provide such information!
10. Do not expect your partner to keep you from unwanted pregnancy. Watch out! Use contraception before it is too late. Learn from others mistakes!


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