Using Technology to learn a new language

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Anki– This free Memory tool is available for download on the internet. Anki
works like a flashcard system, you can enter your own decks or download
existing decks from the internet. There are decks available for many
Once installed, you’ll have the option of downloading the various decks
available to you. You begin by defining how many “facts” or words you would
like to learn each day. Anki will then quiz you on those words, you will
rate them as easy, good or difficult. Based on these rankings Anki will
repeat the words in upcoming sessions.
If you are using multiple computers, you can use the anki server to
synchronize your computers with the updated rankings and word selections.
There is even an Iphone application that works with Anki and will allow you
to sync the decks down to your Iphone.

Google Translate

This site will allow you to translate web pages or pasted content between
many different languages.
While the translations are often lacking, they usually give you a basic
understanding of the content.

Pimsuleur and other CD’s – These language CD’s can be imported into Itunes
or other MP3 program. You can then review content at home, in the office, in
the car or on the run.

Dictionary Apps– There are many different dictionary apps available for
Iphones and other smartphones that can translate various languages. This can
be handy when using your new language on the go.

Hebrew Web Resources– Check out additional Hebrew language specific internet resources.


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