Writing Time – 10 Tips For Finding Writing Time

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Writing Time – Not enough hours in the day

So, you’d like to write a novel but you can’t find sufficient writing time. Maybe you’ve started to jot a few words down, but there are too many other things that get in the way to do it on a regular basis.

Rubbish! You’re kidding yourself. People who think they have insufficient writing time are indulging in self-deception. They’re making excuses to avoid committing themselves. Don’t claim your job, your family, or anything else, takes up so much of your time that you can’t write.


Writing Time – Emergency

If an emergency were to happen, you’d find time to deal with it wouldn’t you? Treat your writing time as your own little emergency. Learn to prioritise. Learn to take time away from the family for yourself.


Writing Time – You are important too

Okay, so we accept that you really do need to see to your family, I admit it. But don’t forget, you’re important as well.

It’s your right to do something that you want simply because you want to. It’s all too easy to forget that you count just as much as the rest of the family – an emotive issue perhaps? We get conditioned by circumstance. Perhaps we’re all guilty of apportioning more of ourselves to the family than necessary, I don’t suppose we can help it with all the demands they place on us. However, we really shouldn’t devote ourselves to them entirely – and we shouldn’t feel guilty because we don’t.

Remember that what you want out of life is just as important as what your partner wants – and the children surely don’t need attention ALL of the time. We each of us have priorities, don’t let someone else’s priorities take a higher rank than your own. It really is not selfish to want a little writing time to yourself. It’s just a matter of getting things in balance.


Writing time – Finding It

  • Writing time #1 – Get up earier than usual, understand your lifestyle and adjust it to suit – and write.
  • Writing time #2 – Don’t watch TV – write instead.
  • Writing time #3 – Make the kids tidy their own beds and put their own things away – and write.
  • Writing time #4 – Don’t idle your time away. Write.
  • Writing time #5 – Don’t sit with a magazine over your coffee break like the others. When you have a break, sit with a pad and pen instead, and make notes.
  • Writing time #6 – Get into the habit of writing where ever you are – I’ve even made notes on the loo.
  • Writing time #7 – Get a digital audio recorder, keep it on you at all times – record those ideas as they bubble up.
  • Writing time #8 -Turn your cell phone off whilst you’re writing. People will call back later if it’s important.
  • Writing time #9 – Shut off your email whilst you’re writing. Read them when you’ve finished. Email is disruptive.
  • Writing time #10 Forget about FaceBook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Do you really need to join in? Social Media is a huge drain on your writing time. If you really feel you can’t do without, specify an alloted time to it, and be strict.

Get your priorities right for heaven’s sake! Get writing!


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