How do I Make a Pom Pom?

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From art projects to knitted garments, pom poms can be a fun and colourful way to embellish home-made crafts. Their flexibility is such that they can be of all sizes, all textures and all colours. Pom poms can be added to hats, scarves and baby clothes; they can be used to decorate cards, enhance cushions, lamp shades and curtains, beautify gift boxes and other craft projects. The list is endless!

As well as helping to improve their hand and eye coordination, because they’re so easy to make and results for smaller pom poms are almost immediate, most kids find pom pom projects a fun learning experience. Most adults enjoy such projects too as they bring out their inner child!

Because larger pom poms do take time to do, it would be recommended for anyone who has never made a one, to start small! Later you can experiment with different sizes, textures of yarns and colours. And it really is very easy.

All you need is some cardboard or a sheet of plastic, a compass or two circular objects of different sizes (such as an egg cup and a saucer) that you can trace around, wool and scissors.

Firstly using your compass or circular objects, create a donut shaped pattern on the cardboard. Once you’ve drawn the two circles (one inside the other), cut around the outside one. Then cut out the inner circle. This produces your donut shaped pom pom tool!

Place the rings together and the next step is to wind the yarn around the rings. Because of the size of the hole in the centre, you will need to cut the yarn into manageable lengths. Different colours can be used each time or you might want to make a pom pom of all one shade.

Hold the circles together and feed one end of the yarn through the hole at the centre. Keep a hold of the yarn as you take it over the outside edge of the ring then back up through the centre hole. Keep repeating this and work your way around the ring. Once all the card is covered, continue round again and just keep going round and round until the centre hole is almost full of wool. – A very relaxing and therapeutic exercise for anyone looking for ways to take their mind off the pressures of everyday living as well as it being fun!

You’ll soon get into a nice little rhythm. Expect it to be a little more difficult as the hole in the middle closes. Using a darning needle might make this task a little easier.

Next you need to keep a tight hold of the pom pom as you use sharp scissors to cut right around the edges. Keep cutting until the scissors pass through the two pieces of cardboard. Once you are left with your cardboard template in the middle, pull a length of yarn between the two circles and tie this firmly. (This is important as if your pom pom falls apart at this stage, you will have to start again.) Once firmly tied, remove the cardboard rings. These can be cut if you aren’t going to use them again.

Trim your pom pom to neaten the edges and you should now have a fluffy yarn ball!

Making pom poms can be a great craft or school project for children. With a little imagination their pom pom creations can be turned into animals, bugs and bees, flowers, snow men … wherever their imagination takes them. From miniature to giant ones, pom poms can be used for a variety of projects and occasions and they really are great fun to make.


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