Can we really communicate with spirits?

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As a thirty plus year paranormal researcher, I’d say ‘yes’-with much enthusiasm-tinged with a bit of sadness and even some fear. For we are communicating with people, who in some cases may not even know that they are dead, or who may have died from a violent and very painful tragedies. When talking to the dead, this has to be all taken into consideration. Some entities may even be harmful, negative and even demonic. Therefore, it’s not like talking to your grandma, who is alive, well and happy. It could be your grandma, not even knowing that she is dead.

Whether they don’t know that they are dead, or are very harmful, opening a line of communication with the dead can have huge consequences on your life. So, communicating with the dead, is not only reality, but a reality tinged in a literal nightmare scenario. In other words, it is something that should not be taken lightly, or done with frivolity. To the uninitiated, it can be opening the door to evil dimensions and realms, not only where negative energies dwell, but living, evil beings dwell in parallel realms. For contacting the dead, is really a form of interdimensional contact. In quantum physics: reaching parallel realms.

When somebody dies, their consciousness, in the form of subatomic particles vibrating at a higher frequencies, instantly moves into another dimensional, or quantum reality. This reality is very close to Earth’s reality-but is still very far from other higher dimensional realities. The ‘tunnel’ perceived by the dead is really just a naturally occuring wormhole into other dimensional realities, where the recenty deceased can easily reach higher planes of existence, wth their deceased loved ones waiting there to help them across to the other side. The dead ascend into a highly different cosmic reality-a realm of beautiful colors and sounds-with cities of the deceased and natural surroundings.

A lot of these contacts may not necessarily be with these cosmic realms. It can be of spirits returning to the Earth, to keep an eye on their living, loved ones. As stated earlier, it can be of spirits not knowing they have passed, are negative, evil and demonic entities. Communicating with spirits is a reality, using dormant and non-dormant areas of the human brain, passing info from one reality to another: the brain acting like an electromagnetic receiving conduit with other dimensions. For example, using the Ouija board, is plugging your brain into a form of a universal Internet. The messages form in the brain as a form of telepathy that manifests through the brain pushing the planchette to form words and phrases akin to these received messages.


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