American Idol San Francisco and Louisville Auditions

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I just watched the third and fourth episodes o f American Idol. The first episode took place in San Francisco and the second was in Louisville, Kentucky. I have to say there are some promising singers from these areas. Some of the names that I actually remember are Adam, Kai, Joann and LaKesha.  It must say something if I can remember their names, because usually at this point I do not know who any of them are.  I don’t remember that much about Adam. I do remember that Kai was the guy who was taking care of his mother since she has a seizure disorder. I have to say even though it is yet another sad story I liked him. I think that he is a very good man for taking care of his mother. Joann was the girl that was in the record business that the new judge Cara knew. I have to say that she was really good and I think that she will make it though Hollywood. LaKesha was the girl that grew up with a single mother and they lived in and out of shelters their whole lives. She sang a song that she wrote herself which was really good. She had a good beat and good lyrics. To me she sounds like Beyonce. One thing that I do have to say about this season is that the new judge Cara is not so nice.

One contestant came in for her audition and she sang and yes she was terrible, but one thing that was on the sheet in front of the judges was that she was voted the most humorous in school. Cara made the comment that she thought the audition was a joke, that the girl wasn’t serious. When Simon asked her if she was serious this poor girl had the saddest look on her face. Cara kept making the comment I thought it was a joke because she was voted most humorous. The way she went about the whole situation was very tactless. She kept saying that she thought it was a joke. The more that I watch her and listen to her comments the more I do not like her. I know what you are going to say, Simon is the same way. Yes he is very rude and to the point, and sometimes he says things to just be mean. I have to agree that I am not a huge fan of Simon but I do like him most of the time. There are some contestants that walk in and I think to myself, please let Simon be nice. You know which contestants I am talking about.

Anyway, Cara just seems to not care just like Simon about hurting anyone’s feelings. And the fact that she constantly argues with Simon shows that she just enjoys being rude. I predict that before they ever get out of Hollywood that her and Paula are going to end up getting into it. Paula has been used to being the only woman on the show and I think that Cara is going to over step her bounds and she is going to piss Paula off. I may be wrong but that is what I see happening. I am really looking forward to Hollywood week to see who will make it. It is always interesting, especially when they put them in groups, there is always the one group that doesn’t practice and cannot get their stuff together. That is what I am going to be looking forward to. So stayed tuned and I will update you on what is to come.


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