Easy Bacon Flavored Pancakes from Scratch

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I love pancakes.  Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner, it makes no difference to me.  I have kids and it’s pretty hard to find a kid who won’t eat pancakes.  Eat them plain or add anything.  Bananas, blueberries, macadamia nuts, chocolate chips or whatever you dare.  For most of my life I used box pancake mix.  Just add water was my standard and then I found these fancier ones that had me adding eggs, oil or milk.  Not as simple as my old style of dumping powder in a bowl and adding water  but the extra effort made a much better pancake.  Imagine my surprise when I watched my aunt make pancakes from scratch and it took about as much effort and tasted A LOT better.  I looked at the ingredients of the store bought one that had me adding eggs, oil or milk it was basically just an over-priced, puny bag of flour, baking soda, salt and some sort of powdered dairy.  The just add water stuff had a longer list with some sinister sounding chemicals.  I know more ingredients are never a good thing but hell, I like to eat pan fried spam.  I will still eat instant pancakes when I am camping because they are convenient and man, I really love pancakes.

But at home in a kitchen, I make them from scratch.

You need:

To cook some bacon or sausage first and NOT wash the pan.

1.5 cups of flour

3 tsp of baking powder

A little less than 1 tsp of salt

1 heaping tbsp of sugar

3 tbsp butter

1 egg

1.5 cups of whole milk

First fry up some bacon or sausage.  Drain the oil but don’t feel bad if you accidentally leave a little in the pan.  In a large bowl put all the dry ingredients together and whisk them up good.  Melt the butter in the bacon or sausage oil and pour it in the bowl.  Add the egg and 1 cup of the milk.  Whisk it and then add the other half cup of milk.  Whole milk is thick so you may have to add a little water to get the right consistency.  I use a soup ladle to pour pancake batter and I like it thick but you want it liquid enough to pour off the spoon in one continuous stream.  Melt a pat of butter on medium high but lower it if the butter melts fast and smokes.  Every stove is different.  When the edges look dry and the middle is bubbling, flip them.  Watch them puff up for maybe a minute and it’s done.  Very vague yeah?  But you will learn what works with your equipment.  Feel free to eat the ugly ones.  I do.  Use a wet paper towel to wipe up burnt bits between pancakes and if you add fruit do those ones last because they tend to leave burnt, sticky chunks that can catch the spatula when you try and flip your next pancake.  If they splatter don’t worry.  Sure the ideal pancake requires one flip but sometimes you have to flip it again to cook the raw batter you splashed everywhere.  When it is done you can rip off the splatter parts and eat them.  You still serve round pancakes and the crunchy splatter bits are actually quite tasty if you didn’t burn them.  Bacon makes everything taste good.


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