How To Deal With Reaching A Plateau

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1. Continue your efforts. Keep up on your routine but be more diligent with it. Perhaps do an extra set with each exercise and even do them an added day if you can. But, if that is not an option then be sure you are doing all your regular exercises. Have you gotten bored and are slacking off and not doing them all or not for the usual amount of time?

2. Check your portions. If you aren’t already it may be a good idea to start keeping track of what you eat and how much. Checking back over this information may show you where you need to make some possible changes.

3. Mix it up. You have probably gotten into the habit of doing certain exercises certain days or in a certain way. If you mix up your routine it could just do the trick. Or intensify your present activities. Changing your present routine can help rev up your motivation as well.

4. Journal on it. Keep a ongoing tribute to what you are doing. Write out what you do and how much you eat. Expressing your feelings and writing down all your efforts can be very helpful. Why did you begin this journey? This will help reset your motivation.




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