How to Download and Burn DVDs Using MiniNova and Nero

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There are many different ways to download and burn DVDs from the Internet for play on any commercial DVD player. One way is to download torrent files or peer-to-peer sharing files from Mininova and burn to DVD using software like Nero. Mininova is a peer-to-peer file sharing website that allows individuals to upload files for others to download and share.

Things You’ll Need

  • Internet Connection
  • Torrent download client
  • Nero DVD burning Software
  • Blank DVD media


  • Downloading copyrighted material for personal use or distribution is illegal. Many files contained on Mininova may be copyrighted and illegal to download. Do not use the steps listed above to download copyrighted videos, music or audiobooks. Downloading copyrighted files is punishable by fines and/or jail time.

Step 1

Download a bit torrent client. In order to download a file from Mininova, you need to download a bit torrent client.

Step 2

Locate the file you wish to download. You can browse through categories of downloadable content or search for a specific file if you have one in mind.

Step 3

Locate the bit torrent file you wish to download and click on the “download torrent” button. This will open your bit torrent client and the download will begin. Take note of the file format the DVD file is in. Many video files are not in DVD format since this format is large and takes a long time to download. If you locate a file that is in another format, such as AVI, MP4 or other, convert it to DVD before burning.

Step 4

Convert the video file. If the file you downloaded is in another format than DVD, you will need to convert it. There are many freeware programs available for immediate download that will convert your file into a DVD ready format. A quick search of the Internet with the keywords convert XXXX to DVD should yield good results. This program will need to be downloaded, installed and the video file will need to be run through it before you can burn it.

Step 5

Burn the DVD. After the file has been downloaded, open Nero and browse your files until you find the downloaded file. Choose the file and begin the burn process. Don’t forget to insert a blank DVD disc into the DVD-RW drive before starting this process.

Your completed result should be a DVD that can be played on any DVD player.


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