Things To Do Before The Fritz Happens To You

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Invariably most computers will suffer some kind of failure whether it be software or hardware.  When they do, the divide between those who can deal with a computer failure versus those who cannot becomes obvious.  For those who cannot deal with their computer issues, this is for you!

If you are in the camp where you just wouldn’t know what to do when your computer goes on the fritz, the first thing to remember is that you are still in control.  The second thing to remember is to not freak out when a computer failure happens.

Even before your computer goes on the fritz, there are steps that you should take to make life easier on you and your computer repair person.  The first step is to know the exact make and model of your computer. Don’t expect your computer repair person to magically know specifically what type of system you have. For instance, if you call your local computer repair shop about your Dell “I think it’s a Inspiron” laptop, chances are that they won’t be able to help you.  This is because there are hundreds of Dell laptop models and which many of those are Inspirons.  So do yourself and your computer repair person a favor by knowing exactly what type of computer you have. This information is easily obtainable from the rear of desktops and on the bottom of laptops.

Another item to take care of before your computer goes wrong is to get familiar with local tech support.  If you live in a major metropolitan area, check to see if the manufacturer of your computer has an approved local repair site.  This is particularly if your computer is still under warranty and you don’t like dealing with tech support over the phone.  If your system is long out of warranty, find a reputable computer repair center.  For instance, Best Buy has many locations throughout the United States which provide Geek Squad tech support.  If you don’t like dealing with Best Buy, there should be other firms around town that can repair computers.  In this case, Google (or whatever search engine) is your friend.

If your computer does go on the fritz, be able to describe the specific symptoms that you’re encountering.  Write down any error messages or issues that you are having with your system.  For instance, if your system begins to boot up but stops with an error message, notate what the screen says.  This is because there is a big difference between telling a tech that my system won’t turn on versus a “no boot disk” error came up when I turned it on.  Being specific also means using the “what happened when” principle.  This is basically being able to describe what happened when you attempted to perform an action with your computer.

Although it is likely that you will never encounter major issues with your system which require tech support, it still pays to be prepared.  If, however, computer disaster does strike, being prepared will keep you in sensible mode and out of freak out mode.


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