How to Brighten Hair Along The Top

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How to Brighten Hair Along The Top

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions

Things You’ll Need: Brush Hair Dye Color Developer Spray Bottle Water 20 Minutes Blow Dryer

Step 1

Brush hair and part your normal part. Make sure it is parted where you usually style your hair so you will be able to get enjoy all of the great color!

Step 2

Choose a color two shades lighter than our hair color that you have currently.

Step 3

Pour dye ((The good nasty smelling stuff)) and the developer in a small spray bottle like on picture to the left!!

Step 4

Fill to the top with water!

Step 5

Shake… Shake… Shake… Shake your booty! Oops I meant the bottle!! Shake the bottle!!

Step 6

Now spray as much as you like along the part and let the excess drip down the strands. The more you spray the lighter your hair would be!

Step 7

Let sit for 20 minutes!! Read a magazine or go jump on your treadmill! This makes time go by fast.

Step 8

Rinse Wash… and Rinse Again. Repeat if you need too ((Pete and Repeat were sitting on a fence… Pete left… Who is still there? Repeat)) Haha!!

Step 9

Blow Dry and Enjoy your new style!! Sexy… Yeah Baby Yeah!!


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