How to Get Beautiful In Half the Time

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How to Get Beautiful In Half the Time  xxMsComptonxx

Are you always the last one everyone is waiting on to go out and party? Frustrated because it takes you four hours or more to get your sexy look on? Well there is always help for every dilemma. Here are just a few small things to do to help achieve your best look faster.

Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You’ll Need: Light Nail Polish Shade Nails Blow Dryer Skin Cleanser Hair Step 1

Make Nails Dry Faster: Use a lighter shade of nail polish. While painting try to only use three even natural strokes. Use a top coat that contains a drying aid. And for the final step take a hair dryer and blow them bad boys away. Make sure to set your temperature to cold to chill the wet polish. Warm will only make the polish melt and not dry completely.

Step 2

Clearer/Cleaner Skin Faster: Use a cleanser with glycolic acid. This way you are killing three birds with one stone: Freshly cleaning, Gently exfoliating, and Brightening you skin to the fullest. Swipe on a toner ans some lip chap! Now off to bed you go… Zzz… Zzz… Zzz… This will keep your skin at its healthiest all the time. Sparing you some time on concealer and foundation application.

Step 3

Blast Dry Your Mane: After you get done putting those suds to the test in the shower wrap your hair in a towel to absorb as much water as possible. Apply a dime size amount of mousse or serum. Less is more in this situation. Now part your hair in half from top to bottom. Blow dry bottom portion first. Get the top done. Make sure all is completely dry before moving on. Use a round brush to style drying.


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