How to Grow Your Hair Sexy

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Difficulty: Easy

Things You’ll Need: Shampoo; Conditioner; Towel; Pick; Trim; Vitamins & Minerals

Step 1

Wash your hair correctly: 3x a week!! Only apply shampoo to roots. When you rinse… the shampoo will fall to the ends.

Step 2

Condition every time you shampoo. Only apply conditioner to ends. Handle ends as least as possible.

Step 3

When drying hair pat towel throughout hair. Do not rub! ((Rubbing caused split and frayed ends))

Step 4

Beware… wet hair is very sensitive… Only use a pick when combing wet hair ((or a very wide tooth comb… very wide))

Step 5

If at all possible do not Blow-dry!! If you have to… use a heat protector!!

Step 6

Trim once a month… if you do not have many split ends try to hold off the trim for once every two months.

Step 7

Eating healthy vitamins and minerals goes a long way!! Take supplements!! Prenatal vitamins will help tremendously even if you are not pregnant you can still get the benefits of taking them.


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