How to Whiten Your Teeth Using Strips

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How to Whiten Your Teeth Using Strips  xxMsComptonxx

This is a nightly regimen I do from time to time when my teeth start to get a yellow tint to them. I am not a dentist and you are try this at your own risk. Teeth are the weapon to any killer smile. To have a very confident and beautiful smile you need to have clean healthy looking teeth. This means no cavities, none that are broke off, gums in good condition, and teeth as white as you can get. But from my own personal habits these steps work wonders.

Difficulty: Easy Instructions Things You’ll Need: Crest White Strips Tooth Brush Toothpaste Mouth Wash Bed Teeth

Step 1

Crest White Strips are the stuff.

Step 2

Brush your teeth spotless. Get them as clean as you can. Don’t forget to mouthwash. Listerine is the best. I know it burns but it is the best to get those hard to reach germs that are tucked back into the crevices of your teeth.

Step 3

Apply the white strips properly right before bed.

Step 4

Sleep in them. I do not recommend this for heavy sleepers. This is a choking hazard! But it works and if you have the strips on right they will stay in place.

Step 5

Wake up in the morning and remove those bad boys.

Step 6

Brush your teeth again… ((Spotless))

Step 7

Don’t forget to mouthwash…

Step 8

Do this for a week straight…

Step 9

Your results will be amazing!!


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