How to Pose With Confidence While Taking A Pitcure

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How to Pose With Confidence While Taking A Pitcure  xxMsComptonxx

Taking pictures is always a mess. Not ever knowing if you look good and worst of all even if you do take a bad picture you always have that friend that still posts them no matter what. Only causing embarrassment and ridicule for you. Well here is a little guide to ensure you take a perfect beautiful picture every time.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy Instructions Things You’ll Need: Your Body Chin Head Shoulders Camera Chest Arms Smile Teeth Step 1

Extend your beautiful body out and upwards. Make sure this feels natural. A picture can identify immediately if you are not in a natural and comfortable pose.

Step 2

Place your chin up and high. ((high as the sky))

Step 3

Not too high… you don’t want to stretch your neck too much and look like a giraffe. Giraffe pictures are not good!! Not good at all!!

Step 4

Push your shoulders back but again make sure you feel and look comfortable.

Step 5

Move your body toward the camera. ((This shows confidence)) Stick up the pretty perked up girls. ((In other words push up your breast))

Step 6

Let arms rest by your sides.

Step 7

Relax… Relax… Relax… Make sure to relax… This is the key to a good Picture!!

Step 8

Open Smile… Show those pearly whites!! Teeth always make a pretty picture!! If you are not comfortable with your smile read up on my guide: How to Whiten Your Teeth Using Strips ((Resources Below))

Step 9

Look at the camera silly and DON’T SAY CHEESE!!


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