How to Have a Trim Waist

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Things You’ll Need: Water, Motivation, Exercise, You

Step 1

Drink water constantly… this will flush you out and fill you up… it is the greatest appetite suppressor ever!! water is heavy on your belly so it will take away that hungry feeling…

Step 2

Do sit ups and crunches as often as possible… at first this may seem like it is not helping but after a while you will notice the difference. you have to lose all of the fat on your belly before you can see that wonderful 6 or 8 pack underneath.

Step 3

Eat a lot of fruits and veggies. These are low in fat and high in all the good stuff you need. Raw is better but cook them to add extra flavor.

Step 4

Eat lean to stay lean… Meats are important and you need them to gain muscle but if you are not careful you can gain muscle and fat if your meats have fat on them. Lean=Turkey

Step 5

Keep Drinking water and ABSOLUTELY no soda. Carbonation is what kills it for you and not to mention all the sugar in it.

Tips & Warnings Water Water Water… Watch out for hidden FATS


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