How to Lose Weight with the Wii Fit

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How to Lose Weight with the Wii Fit  xxMsComptonxx

Learn how to lose weight keep it off and have fun doing it all at the same time. This may see impossible but it really does make a difference. You can do it in the privacy in your own home and no expensive gym memberships.

Things You’ll Need: TV, Wii, Wii Fitness Game, You, Pounds to lose

Step 1

Set your own personal goals. Before you even turn on the game sit down and think about how much weight YOU want to lose to be HEALTHY. Being healthy is the most important idea to remember when losing weight. If you are 6’7″ it is not healthy to weigh 100 pounds. Also make sure your goal is realistic. You are not going to lose 30 pounds in two days. Keep it simple and real and you will not discourage yourself in the long run.

Step 2

Get the game going. put all of your goals in the game settings so the game knows where you want to be. This should be based off of your BMI.

Step 3

Now get to playing. Play different games everyday to keep variety. If you switch it up all the time you are less likely to get bored and not want to do it. Plus the more you play the more levels you can unlock. Meaning more variety.

Step 4

And last but not least have fun. Fun is what keeps you motivated. Do it with a friend. Keep it interesting and challenge yourself. YOU CAN DO IT!


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