How to Remove Contaminated Gloves

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Things You’ll Need: Clean set of gloves, Biohazard waste container

Step 1

Pick the correct size of gloves that fit your hands. They should be snug but not to tight. Put them on.

Step 2

To begin to remove them, grab the palm of your non dominant hand and pull the glove off.

Step 3

Slip your hand out and keep the empty glove in the hand that still has the other glove on. You should not touch either glove with your bare hand.

Step 4

Now slide your bare finger at the top of the wrist inside the contaminated glove making sure not to touch the outside of it and pull the other glove over the one in your hand.

Step 5

Dispose in the biohazard container.

Step 6

Wash your hands. Thoroughly. To make sure they are free of bacteria.

Tips & Warnings Skin to Skin can touch. Do not touch contaminated gloves.


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