How to Wash your hands Correctly

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How to Wash your hands Correctly  xxMsComptonxx

Washing your hands is very essential in the medical field. Washing your hands prevents the growth and spreading of bacteria. It is very crucial to know exactly how to do it the correct way.

Things You’ll Need: Liquid Soap, Paper Towels, Waste Can

Step 1

First and foremost get your paper towel ready in the dispenser.

Step 2

Remove all accessories from the wrist down. This includes all rings, watches, or bracelets. These little things could hide or hold bacteria.

Step 3

Stand right up to the sink but do not touch it. Bacteria also sits on the sink and you do not want to contaminate your clothing.

Step 4

Turn on the water and adjust to warm. Warm water helps kill more bacteria. Water that is to cold could crack or break the skin. Skin is the natural barrier of the body to protect it from disease and bacteria.

Step 5

Wet your hands and wrist. Lather up with soap, and begin to scrub.

Step 6

Rub your palms together and rub soap in between your fingers. Do this at least ten times. This motin helps get all the bacteria that is tucked in between your fingers.

Step 7

Scrub under your nails. This area is the most infected area.

Step 8

Rinse completely. Making sure you get all the soap off.

Step 9

Leave the water on.

Step 10

Rip off the paper towel and completely dry.

Step 11

Now go back and turn off the water with the paper towel so you do not recontaminate your hands.

Tips & Warnings

Scrub. Scrub. Rinse and Repeat.


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